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Another week over

God damm time is flying. It doenst seem like it should be friday, but it is. I wish i wasnt at work tomorrow, but i am. I suppose its my last weekend EVER doing security tho. So thats food for thought. Its quite ironic, i havent yet recieved my SIA licence, and ive already finished working for the company. haha.. i guess i can use it as photographic ID instead of my driving licence from time to time.

Gem is coming to my house tongiht, and i think we are having a night in. I am feeling realy tired at the moment, i hope im not coming down with something? It feels like my body has been trying to be ill for weeks now, but its not quite managed to break through. It just grinds me down and makes me tired instead.

Hopefully when i get home tonight, i should have the new log books and tax disks for my cars – so i can put the plate on my golf, and finally get rid of the clio. Its doing my head in now, i want the £300 to pay a few debts off etc, and to buy some wheels. Yet the wankers at the dvla just plod along and do things at their own speed. People sit and wait for you bastards to process things, and mail them out. For the amount of money you charge, you should at least get things done and sent out as quickly as possible, you bunch of disorganised arseholes!

/rant off

😆 im going now, as its nearly 5pm. I doubt ill get on net over the weekend, so until monday – ttfn!

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hahahaha, fancy goin all the way to the DVLA and leaving all the papers at home. YOU TURD. hahaha

You will never get special treatment from the bank unless you’ve got a huge balance, until then they will not bend over backwards for you and will just put you to the back of the cue..

its a revolution that needs changing but it costs alot to be more customer focused as you know. Its annoyin to say the least but is just another lovely part of the British systems.

Roll on 2007 and all things great 🙂

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