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Day 120 – The Ant House

Anty, jim and freddo have been dead now for over a month. Billy was thought to be the only remaining alive ant in the ant house, but over the last few days we have noticed that digger is still alive and kicking. It’s mad to think these two little guys have lived for over 2 months in the confined space of the Ant House.

The Ant House

This is the most recent picture of the ant house, and you can see digger in his tunnel hard at work. Billy tends to wander about trying to find stuff he can sell on eBay – as ants cant have jobs can they! The progression of the ant house inhabitants will continue in another blog post.


I had a call from my bank about some loan review or something. I have had the loan for about 4 years, and ive never had a review before so i wandered down to see what they were on about. I think im gonna borrow a little bit extra, which means i wont be debt free as soon as i had hoped, but to be honest my lifetime plans have changed considerably since meeting a certain someone. Having a bit of extra cash means i can tie up loose ends, pay off little debts and have money to spend at xmas.

I swore id never get any loans or finance again, but this isn’t a new loan its a slight extension of my existing one 😛 Anyway i may need to bail myself out of shit if things dont take off as me and dave have planned.

Its becoming increasingly harder to make myself look busy at MMX3. I really am running out of ways to waste time. I have actually started writing guides for everyhitng, cleaning printers, ordering paper, so that the new chap can refer to them if he’s stuck at any time. But like craig said im always on the end of a phone.

Its gettin quite exciting now. I had to tell someone that i was self employed today – for the first time ever! it felt great and when she mentioned things like “well, when your business takes off….”  a smile was brought to my face. 😀
The maxxd dreams are becoming reality.

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Dude , you heard me earlier, keep it in mind. I got yo back tho.

Its all very exciting at the moment as well as shit scary, I never thought it would get to this. My heads racing all the time, and no matter what I’m doing i’m always thinkin of more ideas and better methods. Or in fact, thinkin what I could be doing at the office if i stay later.

Lets hope next week goes to plan and things become more real

Until then.


I know mate..

I want to wait till these two guys die, as there mgiht be some turf war shit going down..

Also, do you find ants all year round?

As i havernt seen any for months!

Apart from the ones in my ant farm 🙂

Whats that blue stuff they are living in? It looks like toilet duck and im thinking they wont live so long in that… i thought ants liked soil! 😆

“This miraculous gel, derived from a NASA Space experiment, serves as both habitat and nutrition for your ants – allowing you to watch in awe as they turn a brick of aqua-blue gel into a fascinating colony of tunnels. Never before have you been so capable of watching these awesome creatures at work.”


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