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Well, this week has been a proper week. I did monday tuesday maxxd, its snow wednesday, and im at mmx3, and i will be tomorrow and friday too. This is how my weeks are going to be structured – and already i want to concentrate full time on maxxd stuff. MMX3 just bores me now.

Before, i would sit mincing about making myself look busy, as i was on the books and if there wasnt any work for me to do, then there was nothing i could do. Now, becasue im self employed and am invoicing them for the amount of hours im working, i cant mince about as if there is no work for me to do mark will tell me to go home! I need to work 24 hours at mmx3, at £7.50 a hour. That earns me enough (as well as my 1 shift a week on security) to pay my bills and buy food etc.

If i want to earn more i have to either do more security work (no no!) or do a few extra hours at mmx3 – that is until MMS starts paying us.

Like ive said a million times these next few months are really the deciding months, we are gonna set on a sales employee, and we are gettin someone from the college to work with us – and do admin type stuff. With them, david and myself – we should be able to get things off the ground pretty sharpish.

We need to get things rollin asap, as the office we are using is owned by a proper scitso (sp) who annoys us both, has no idea how to run a business – and is gettin on at (mainly) dave all the time. We cant create our empire in an enviroment like that, so as soon as possible we’ll be gettin a little office of our own.

Wow, i feel all grown up and shit..

Oh yeah, i  paid council tax today.. £104.90! Fuck!

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DONT call me David, OLIVER

Things will be sound mate, its just a pressured time right now.

As for the office, and that I have sorted it, we just had a bit of a disagreement. Maybe its just me cos i’m good at disagreeing with people 🙂

Being self employed if scary at times, having to provide everything, plan, prepare, always thinking ahead and being on the ball. The rewards are good mind, just takes alot of hard work.

We’ll get there

Don’t forget my blog biatch

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