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Yes, i actually forgot about my blog. We have had two days on the directory, and i have been building our MMS website. We have been really busy and have been plodding on with stuff – so much so, i had forgotten to update my lovely weblog. We have been trying to stay off and other forums – so we can concentrate on making some cash money – and things are going great!

We have got to the stage where we are considering taking on a sales employee. Sami, our mate on maxxd has recently been made unemployed, and is trained in sales and telephone stuffs. Dave cant take on all the sales work himself, well he probably could but then we wouldnt be able to do everything else we want to do as well. Its a hard desision becasue if someone is working for maxxd, then they are depending on us for their wages – so obviously we cant mess up when it comes to paying them. At the end of the day tho if we were struggeling to fund the wages when that time came then we’d just have to sacrifce some of our own money. It would be a bummer, but it would be nessecery. Although, I cant see us being stuck for money after a full month of both dave and sami on the phones.

Life is about taking risks, and this is one of those risks. 

It feels amazing tho, to be working full time on something both me and dave are so passionate about. It also feels good, to look back and see where we were when certain people were still part of the team. They always put a downer on situations, always disagreed with things me and dave both agreed with – he was always the thorn in our side. Now he’s out the way, and things have never been better.

Its mad when you sit back and think, what if? What if we had of taken that offer of £100,000 and let that chap become the 4th director of maxxd, and let him start that online shop he wanted to do? What if we had never got that guy who left in to help us in the first place? Life is full of “What if’s?” but from my experience its better to get on with it, and forget the things you have missed, or passed in your life – and get on with the jobs and problems that face you currently and in your not too distant future.

Life’s for living, sleep when your dead.

And finally, id just like to inform anyone who reads this that i have fallen in love. She has been mentioned in my blog, and i have been going out with her officially for a month or so now, shes amazing, she makes me so happy, and if i was to draw my perfect partner, and list the qualities i would look for in them, she would fit the description perfectly. Oh yeah, did i say she could breakdance? Wow.

Lifes generally amazing right now, i love where i live, i love the fact me and my business partner are actually going ahead with our plans, and i love my girlfriend.

Can you feel the love?

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Well I’m nobody to bne giving you business advice but I would never suggest anyone takes on new staff with no guarantee of being able to pay their wages other than the sentence “Although, I cant see us being stuck for money after a full month of both dave and sami on the phones”.

Don’t get words and opinions, get numbers. Sit down and work out every single outgoing you have as precisely as you can and don’t even consider taking on anyone until your precise CURRENT (not forecast) incomings match that and leave double that persons wage left over.

Until then you and Dave might be overworked and you’ll end up working all hours god sends and wearing yourselves out, but that’s what company directors sometimes have to do until a business is standing on it’s own two feet.

But that’s just my 2 cents and who the fuck am I?

Yes stu quite true.

David, we have worked out all the numbers, amount of calls possible in one day, how many of them turn to leads.. and how many can be signed sealed and delivered in 1 month..

The figures look great, and there shouldnt be any issues.. Its just a bit of a tence time.,.. as its make or break month! big time!

thanks for your comments guys!

Thanks for the advice Stu & David, like Olly said it is a very pressured time, kinda make or break time. We do have things covered mind, but its scary.

I don’t have any doubts Ol, that things won’t work out, baring in mind what has come about recently after making a few calls.

We are heading in the right direction. just stay positive

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