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It almost feels like i havent properly blogged for ages. I used to be able to sit here and pour my heart out, and think nothing of it. Now im paranoid about the people reading it. As i dont want to get judged.. psshh.. you know what? Fuck it…

Ive never given a fuck about censorship up to now, so i mgiht as well carry on that way. I mean, there isnt many people who dont know me off-line, and who read my blog? So anywone who really knows me knows that the things i write dont always define me. Im a nice person (i think) and a hard worker. My blog probbaly makes me out to be a moaning slacking mother bitch.. Shut up dave! (before you start!)
Right, lets get down to business. Im going to the cinema tongiht with gem to see a film called step up. Its about some dancers or something, and it looks like it might be smiliar to you got served, which in all fairness is a fucking awesome film. This is actually the first time we have been to the cinema together, so it should be fun 🙂

I really want to go see the Borat Movie, and Saw III. I have seen trailers for both (and wiggy is actually downloading Borat Movie now!) And they both look awesome. I just love borat, hes the best. I have one question tho.

How the hell does he keep a straight face, all the time? id end up making myself laugh so much!

Sacha is brilliant in talledega nights too, in fact he’s probably one of the funniest british tv presenters/actors ever! hes just class!

Today is my last day on the books at MMX3, as of next wednesday ui wont be an employee, i wil be a subcontractor. And i will invoice him instead of gettin paid normaly. Its a bit daunting, and to be fair i should lock myself away for a few weeks as i really cant be spending any money, but i have things to do so i have got to spend a bit. I could just do with winning about £500 just to sit it in my bank account and keep me going for a bit. I guess i could of not bough that car…. nah! 😀

Duncan has pissed me off today, some of his staff have been caught stealing from one of the building sites, And that could mean by by security company. So when i ask him to pay for my licence as his original cheque bounced, he went mad at me and moaned that i asked for a lift to work this weekend.
He pays his guards BOTTOM buck. Then expects them to drive 40 miles a day? And doesnt in ANY way want to contribute towards their petrol costs? Is it me or is that lame? He makes out that most people dont get travelling expences, someone please tell me hes wrong! I know that in the many jobs ive done ive had travelling expences refunded to me, has anyone else?

Just cos his guards are twats, doesnt mean he should take that shit out on me the balding homosexual. I guess when all you do is work, and dont pay yourself hardly anything – the stress would eventually mount up causing you to become a knobhead. So i guess its not all his fault.

If all go’s to plan we wont have to reply on anyone but ourselves soon, dave is plodding along nicely with the things he’s doing and im backin him up with banners and graphics and design work.

Together, we got this shit locked down, and we are gonna take things to the next level!

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Dude, i get 43p per mile in the van. You should be able to claim it back through the company you work for. There is a whole shitload of legislation about expenses. Investigate and find out your rights man!

depends on your contract Ol (if you have one). It’s best practise to reimburse traveling expenses but if they didn’t offer that when you started then it’s tough really.

if you agreed to travel to work when you took the job then there’s not much you can do – other than speak to him ‘can’t afford to travel so far, petrol blah blah blah, another security co are offering to reimburde so might see what they can offer me’ although with you working with him as well as for him (with MMS) it might be more hassle than its worth!

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