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I hate spending my money

I bought a car last night for a very low price. And although it was very low, and ill probably get a lot of it back when i sell my clio – i stil hate parting with my cash. Im doing some maths today, and working out how much i need to earn from where, to keep things ticking over whilst me and dave start MMS properly.

I have worked out that if i charge MMX3 £60 a day for working there, i need to do one security shfit a week and i can cover all my expences easily. I will probably end up doing more then one shift some weeks, so i cant lose really. And as soon as things have taken off successfully, i can scrap the security off – then later on when things are going very well, i can get rid of mmx3 and plough head first into MMS. I cant wait!

My mother is worried that im gonna get into trouble with money again, and i guess she has every right to be. My mom and dad have bailed me out of many a sticky situation. But i’d like to think i have learnt from my mistakes. She cant see the potential that the things we are doing have got, so shes just gonna have to sweat it out.

Olstar MK3V2.0Olstar MK3V2.0

My car is great by the way, its a 3 door, 1.8 MK3 Golf, One of my favorite shape golfs EVER! I have wanted another one since the day after i got rid of my first, and now i finally have one! I am gettin it MOT’d at the weekend, and i will tax it next week then transfer my insurance over so i can drive it. Then i have to transfer my number plate over, and then sell the clio. Its a long and boring process, but its the only way. I think it sucks that i have to pay £80 to move my number plate from one car to the next. Robbery i tell ya!

I can see me getting a bit carried away with this MK3. I love them, and i wont be able to stop myself modding it. It feels amazing to finally have a car i can be proud of again. Im proud of it already, and havent even driven it properly yet!

I have that New Mini printing to finish for the marquee we are doing for them, then its off home to sit and be bored. I get to see gem again tonight though, i havent seen her properly for a few days and im really starting to miss her. I cant get her out my head, and she still blows me away. I tell her too, i tell her that this is all too good to be true, and that i keep thinkin i am gonna wake up and its all been a dream. She usually smiles, tells me its not a dream then kisses me.
I cant stop smiling right now!

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