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i must of had my caddy for over 4 years now, and i dont care what my mother says. Im not selling it. I will never get rid of that car, cos i know that when its done iit will be awesome. f it takes me another 5 years, then so be it. Forabout a year, i have been driving a black clio RSi.. Its nippy being a 1.8, but its pretty nackered as its blatently been chavved up by the last owner. Now, ive not really thought about gettin another car any time soon. I went thru a patch where i got a few random ones over the space of a year or so. had a mk1 golf, a mk2 polo, then the saxo, the clio.. And now i have found another car, that i want a LOT.

I miss not driving a VW, i love them all so much as they are all fantastic to drive. So its time i got another one. Only two people know what the car is, and im not spilling the beenz till ive got it, its 100% road legal and my number plate has been transferred over. And, although i dont own it yet, and havent even seen it in the flesh, im already planning the mods im going to do to it.

Its got me really excited! I have wanted one of these for ages, and as long as everyhting go’s right – i mgiht own it tongiht! Obviously id have to trailer it back as it is in need of tax, but that is something i can sort out as soon as its in my ownership.

Halloween has come, and has past. The trick or treaters that hounded my doorbell last night have vanished back into the mists of time, only to reappear next year for more scrounging. Thats basically what it is isnt it, scrounging. You wouldnt go door to door knocking on them, and begging people for sweets and money any other time of the year. So just becuse these people are wearing a £1.50 asda halloween mask, means they are alowed to do it and get away with it.

We were giving them bags of hula hoops, and other such pretty naff treats – serves them right. The next ones were gonna get some old rock that had been in the cupboard since we moved in, but i gave up and wardo went upstairs to play to his playstation. The doorbell only rang twice after that, but i was watching series 2 of prison break, so couldnt leave the settee.

I have to go print out a marquee for the new mini now. Should be interesting, although it looks like their design department have been finishing off their days at work with a few acid tabs to the eyeballs. yes, the design is crap. haha..

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