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What a drag!

I have been back at my day job again today, but im finding it SO difficult to do concentrate on the work im being given. Now i have had a taste of what mine and daves days will be like, i dont want to go back to this working for someone else crap. We had such a cool day, it flew by but we got enough done. If we can both crack on for 5 days a week every week, at least 10 till 5 or 6.. then we will be laughing all the way to the sweet shop.

The older ive got, the more and more independant i have become. I have lived off my own back since i was 18, i have ALWAYS had a business head on my shoulders, and im not good with numbers etc but im good with people, and i am enthusiastic towards my chosen career paths.

People study hard, go to uni, get in debt, and for what? A “9-5 job” where they sit behind a desk owned by someone else, using a pc that belongs to someone else, and making money for someone else. Whats the point in that? The way i look at it is your job is a massive part of your life, and in so many ways – it defines who you are as a person. And if you are happy in your work, then most off the time you’ll be happy in your life.

I guess some people are happy working 2-10 in a factory, doing the same thing day in day out. As they finish at 10, and thats it. No overtime no worryin about what they have to do tomorrow, no stressing about stuff your gonna get blamed for. Just turn up, work, and get paid. And if they are happy with that then so be it. Personally, i wont be happy until the only work im doing is work for MMS, and i know dave is the same.

I guess thigns will start to take shape these next few weeks.. Im nervous.. And im shitting myself in case i cant afford to live for a bit. But life is about taking risks. And im a serious risk taker!

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Your right, and its very brave what your doing, and its great to have a goal in life. I think without a goal you’d be lost..

I guess some people can just be happy working and coming home to their lives without caring about a career and stuff, i dunno, i bet that once you get kids its all changes, but at the moment i agree with you! 😀

ok ok… duuuude.

so you’re out of the office, and living the dream.. we can’t all be that lucky!!
grrrr.. 😉

i’m just so fed up of my job now. i NEED to get out.

Yeah, its not quite living the dream yet.. But im on my way!

Things will pick up for you soon luv, and you have got to do something with reptiles or animals.. it would be a loss to the world if you didnt! 🙂

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