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What a strange week!

Well.. What a bizarre week! First off monday and tuesday flew by – followed by a wierd wednesday, thursday and friday. But becasue i wasnt aat MMX3 till wednesday, it didnt feel like my week started till then, so it now currently feels like a wednesday, but its actually a friday. That friday feeling has gone, cos my body has no idea what day it is. It is friday isnt it?

I havent had time to check up on my mates blogs either, i love reading about their lives and how they are getting on. With my busy life it means i can stay in touch at my convenience. I know that sounds terribly selfish, but i just dont have the time i’d like to keep in touch with everyone. I think ill make that a new years resolution. To make more time for my mates.

I have a weekend off this weekend, well, i asked for the weekend off to be honest. I kinda wish i could work every weekend at the mo, as i could really do with the money. But i want to spend time with my beautiful girlfriend, so il have to stick to one weekend on, one weekend off.

In preperation for being broke, im slightly increasing my overdraft. I hate doing it, cos its jsut getting further into debt, but i have things i gotta buy this weekend that are important, and expencive.. Like car tax, and transferring my number plate over.. cars are so expencive!

Also, my clio sold for £330.56 on ebay! Im rate happy with that, i expected about half that! There was a right bidding war going off, and in the end the price increased by about £70 in the last 40 seconds! The guy who has won it has no feedback, but i got a message off the person who came second, sayin if the top guy drops out, he’ll pay the winning bid for it. So either way, i havent lost. woo!

Im gonna mince about for half a hour now, as i only get paid for the work i do now. So i have to stay till after 5 or i end up not earning enough money.

Peace out for now guys, ill probably update over weekend if icget chance. If not ill update on monday.

Peace and love.

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Busy busy busy 😀

As i keep saying to dave, Keep it up and it’ll all pay off in the end!
I wish you both the best of luck with the business etc and you do deserve something good, i dont know how you’ve both done it tbh, putting up with all the shite from maxxd and paying for it all yourselves. I need to give you both a bigger pat on the back


say hello to gemma for me 😉


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