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Mental Block

Again, ive got one of those mental block things where i cant think of anything cool or interesting to write about. I suppose i should just record my day to day goings on, but to be honest its boring and i wouldnt want to send you all to sleep reading about the fact ive just got a drink of hot chocloate, or what im currently doing to waste my days and make myself look busy.

Me and dave are going full steam ahead with our Sales and Marketing company, but we are looking at ways of getting it (and our directory) exposed to the world. We have dugg it, and we have sent out myspace bullitens, but we need more ways of spreading the word. Im trying to figure out how to add banners to the top and bottom of (any php guru’s can help if they wish wink wink 🙂 ) and then maybe banners on other cruise sites.. Id love it of the link works, as thats a really cool way of exposing things on the internet.

Im really starting to get fuked off with MMX3.. I sit here with fuck all to do, and would get moaned at if they found out i wasnt doing anything. I know that if i tell the boss man tho, he’ll probably find me shit work to do where i get dirty and tired. God i can be such a lazy twat at times.

Now, i dont use the word love very often, in fact, i rarely use it – and when i have in the past i have used it to make my life easier, and lessen the arguments. But im now feeling things that ive not felt before.. I think of a certain someone and i smile, everything shit in my life turns to gold, and like ive said to her – it all feels a bit too good to be true and i keep thinking ill wake up in some coma and it will of all been a dream. If it is, i guess it would explan why i dont dream, or if your in a coma, and your dreaming you are alive and stuff, do you dream in your coma-dream? or have i drank far too much hot chocolate today to the extent its leaked into my brain and causing me to chat complete bollocks?

Ahhhh it feels good to completley talk crap for a few minutes..

This concludes my “im bored as fuck and in a non interesting mood” bullshit blog entry..

Have a nice day

bunny in a hat

Enjoy the rabbit in a hat with a bat.. or something..

4 replies on “Mental Block”

Whate a song!

Wish i was a little bit taller, wish i was a baller………………wow

the genoir of the nineties – Skee-Lo, I wish! (95)

I wish I was little bit taller,
I wish I was a baller,
I wish I had a girl who looked good
I would call her
I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat
and a six four Impala

Tis a tune!

Im downloading it now!

oh no not the LOVE word, your entering dangerous water pal

as you know mate, i’m v.positive right now, more than ever, just need that spin puttin on things.

rock on a week on monday 🙂

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