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Day of Actual work!

Yes, today i actuallly had something to do!

Windscreen Repair UK

A customer had moaned and wanted a canopy replacing, so i had to reprint it. Its not like ive been swamped over with work, but i thas kept me busy most of the day. Me and wiggo had a random jaunt about at lunch time, where we spotted this abortion;

car or abortion?

Now i dont want to sound like the barry boys flids who diss all cars that have had anything changed on them at all, but WHY would you do that to a car? Ok, so when this car is finished, and has had a good few extra thousand pounds spent on it, it might look alright. But as it stands right now, it just looks shocking! They are nice cars too as standard (Toyota Paseo)

It was quite an eventfull lunch break, and i was sad to have to come back and sit in this wack office watching stuff print out and tossing it off on the internet. Does anyone else feel like they have seen most of the internet already? I rarely find something new and cool. Its always newer and “upgraded”.

I have bought the first pair of kicks in about a month and a half. Im quite proud of myself as i had got to a stage where i was buying a lot! They are halloween superstars and like quite a few of my recent purchases they are winging their way to me from the US of A.

Adidas Superstar Haloween

How cool are they! They cost me nearly ร‚ยฃ60 tho, but like the pair i bought before these – they are rare and limited edition. Put it this way if you saw someone else wearing these in england, id be shocked! Never mind seeing them for sale in a shop in england!

I had a lovely sleep last night, wasnt the longest sleep ive had but i woke up feeling quite refreshed – which was a relief as the morning before it felt like i haddnt slept a wink! I wont get an early night tongiht, but i might try and hit the sack about 9:30pm on thursday as i have a VERY busy weekend ahead of me ๐Ÿ™‚

Hopefully my own personal massuse will sort my back out for me soon, its giving me some right greif. I Should start sitting priopery at my desk, as 10 years slouched in front of a pc cant be good for anyone.

P.s., if you havent seen “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby” yet, then watch it! Its quite possibly the funniest film ie watched in AGES! I wwont go into any detail apart from this…

Shake and bake baby!


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Thought you pair (you and Wiggy) could have found a better quote in that film – how about…………..


Your kicks are ok mate but they a bit orange and black – think you’ve got some far nicer ones at home!

LOVE the trainers! ร‚ยฃ60 is about normal for trainers any rode isn’t it? To be honest i cant remember the last time i brought trainers..

But me like! you’ll have to walk kicking your heels up so people can see the underside! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜†

My bickname is spanish for “fighting chicken or something” I love this film now! Wanted to watch it when i first heard about it! We need a better quality copy tho ol ๐Ÿ˜€

Fee…. you should know how simple me and olly are after reading our blogs haha

Yeah I spose you are aboth a bit simp Wiggy!

Yes Ally that is about right for regular kicks although he has paid more in the past for his little ‘addiction’ shall we say. There isn’t really an ‘about right’ price for these as he likes the rare ones.

My point was that I wasn’t really that keen on them. I don’t think they’re amazing or ote – not ร‚ยฃ60’s worth anyway – whereas some of his collection I’d have paid shitloads for.

Hollllllllllllller – Missy Elliott, Barnsley styleeeeeeeee!

What choo talkin about willis?

I bought these for halloween, and the fact they will prob be quite rare in a few years as they will only make limited numbers of them!

Yes ally ill walk funny so the bottom is exposed ๐Ÿ˜†


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