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Fixed Penalty Bullshit

I visited junction 27 last night, with a few friends. I parked up waiting for one of them to find us as there were a lot of cars racing about. I had to pull onto a kerb to avoid being pranged, and was forced to drive further up the kerb as there were people trying to get round me up a grass verge to my left. I pulled forward, and 2 more cars pulled up behind me, i didnt know who they were. They got out and walked off. So now i was on the kerb, and couldnt get off the way i got on becasue the exit was blocked. I to get off, i drove along the pavement a short distance, and dismounted the kerb where it went low for pedestrians. Then i saw blue flashing lights…

Fixed Penalty Notice - Fucking Losers!

There were people doing 120, 130mph along that road. People drifting around roundabouts, and people driving extremley dangerously. And i got fined for driving along a kerb so i could get off it without ripping the bottom of my car to pieces. Is that justice is it? Is that an effective police presence? Maybe they should put fast police cars down there so they can actually catch the people who are endangering other peoples lives, instead of prying on easy (parked up, stationary) targets just to make their numbers up.

“Speeding, is one of the hardest crimes to prove without a speed gun – as its our word against theirs”
PC 5266 Holmes, Said this to me 15/10/06

So does that mean you just dont pull them? Oh, they are going faster then our car go’s so we’ll just leave them to it. What a fucking joke! Then he continued to say that they needed to show people that they were activly dishign out fines etc, wait a second.. So im a fucking guiniea pig now am i? A fucking example to others? You fucking tit-hat wearing loser.. Go get a real job, and some fucking friends whilst your at it..

Dont for one minute think im paying this, im gonna fight it until im fucking blue in the face. I have no problem with the 5-0 doin their job, as the world would probably be about 15% more fucked up than it already is.. but when they pry on people just for the easy option, it makes me sick.

I worked at blenheim park in nottingham this weekend, and whilst i was patrolling about, i found loads of cool mushrooms so i decided to eat them.. hahah not realy i took some cool photos of them instead 😆

MushroomMushroom 2Shroom 3

I am starting to get really bored with the security work now, before it was a easy way to make a buck, now its becoming more of an inconvenience than anything. I have people who i want to spend time with at weekends, and its meaning i have to burn the candle at both ends, and like today – im so frickin tired its untrue. And all becasuse ive not had more then 5 hours sleep any night this weekend. Dont get me wrong, i have had such an amazing few nights this weekend, and i have spent time with people that i care a lot about – so it is all gravey.. im just totally bolloxed! Plus i’d like a bit of a weekend every now and then.

I started this blog post before i went for my lunch, and have just got back from filling up with petrol, and buying some food. Whilst i was driving home, i maybe broke a few speed limits, but from my observations of the cars around me on my journey home i was not the most iratic or dangerous driver around. Yet i pull up outside my house, and who pulls up behind me? An unmarked silver skoda fabia police car. He starts saying how i was driving without due care and attention, etc etc.. Pfft.. go catch a real criminal you fucking losers.. I am developing a real hate for the police right now, its almost like they have my plate on file and pull me at every given oppertunity!

I think its about time i changed my car, i know i say it all the time but im sick of being victimised for what i drive. And im sick of mother fuckers lookin at my car then smirking to themselves, “yes its a nail, yes it has a shopping list down the door, no i dont care what you think, go fuck yourself”

Plus, my delivery of socks has been signed for, but not by me. So i rang the company i got them from, and they are looking into it. I hate delivery drivers almost as muchas i hate the police right now. Fucking shitheads..

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hahahaha, the Police love your ass this weekend

I got pulled recently as you know, but my plate DOES take the piss a bit, ive got the ongoing problem with a normal plate as it does not fit on the car without looking stupid, laws the law though.

If you feel you’ve been a target then report it and contest it all the way.

As for everything else just bare with mate, there aint long left (if ya get me)


oh dear oh dear

you and dave seem to attract the filth for some reason.

perhaps you aren’t sucking cock well enough – nb perhaps for future reference you ought to try or at least a bribe – keep do-nuts in the glove box or somet!

There’s no way of winning with the filth – a law unto themselves FACT!

what? do you mean the filth?

course they have car ins – and they have to pay NI and Tax and Child Maintenance just like the rest of the poplualtion of the UK

Dude, they’re not God ya know.

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