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Today, i am a Failure. I have spent the entire morning setting up my bosses new shit hot pc, and migrating everything from his laptop to his pc. I used the windows files and setting transfer wizard, and to be fair its fucking excellent!

Windows File and Settings Transfer Wizard

I left it chuggin along, whilst i installed all the updates to windows, and withint a few hours it was sorted. It had put the same background image on his desktop as per his laptop, and it had even setup the same screensaver! I was well impressed! Until… ERROR)(*_£”

It just seemed to die. So i rebooted, nothing. It wouldnt even get to the windows xp screen. It just kept giving an error, and telling me to press ctrl, alt delete. I tried that a few times, treid safe mode. Nothing. I took the hard drive out and put it in another pc as a slave to see if i could boot up, and check for errors and viruses. Nope, all it would do was get hot! Very Hot!!

So, a whole mornings work, down the potty. I feel such a faliure tho, cos my boss was really excited about his new pc and now he’s back to square one, and still using his shit old slow laptop.

Ah well, i9ve started configuring another one for him, and were sending the one thats fucked back to pc world. The god damm stinkin hippys! Im currently sat waiting for my boss to come back with a Genuine copy of office XP from pc world, i was having trouble activating the last one, so he said to avoid fucking about, he’d just buy one.

Im a bit annoyed to be fair, as i have a date tonight. Im going to the spa at center parks and having a relaxation night. I fucking need it too after today! I just want to sit down, and do nothing. I cant wait! I should of left by now tho to be fair, i wanted to be out of here by 4pm, but as ive broken my bosses pc, i had to do it all over again im still bloody here!

Im getting my adidas socks delivered tomorrow! Woo! So if any of you need any mens adidas socks, in grey black and white, 3 pairs in a pack, 1 pack for £5! Let me know! I have about 40 odd packs coming, so plenty for everyone! I will get the whole world wearing adidas!

5 replies on “Failure.”

hahaha, you failure you, 🙂

things dont always go according to plan

has love took over your brain and made you make mistakes ? lol

i’ll take some socks 🙂

How was the spa? I used to love going

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