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Memory Cards and Stuff

I went to ilkeston to pick my memory card up from the Shitty Link depot last night, and after i found it i walked into their scabby reception and was greeted by Big Pun’s cousin, who sorted me out and told me to take a seat. They brought out a box that you could of fit 4 bags of sugar in, and inside it it contained a memory card the size of.. In fact i dont even know anything that small that i can compare it to! It was STUPIDLY overpackaged, but i guess it was better than it being broken or damaged in some way.

Anyway, i put the card in my phone and it said i could now take over 1300 photos, WOW! I never keep any on there tho, but it means i can put about 150 tracks on it, maybe more! Who needs an ipod!

Im other news, my heart is doing backflips right now. Im so confused right now, well, not confused, its hard to explain the feelings im feeling right now… Lets just say that hopefully they will be out my head by thursday night.

Ive just eaten a mcdonalds cheese burger, and im drinking a lardshake. Not good i know! But sooooo nice! Ive spoken to mark today too, and it looks like i am stopping on 3 days a week at mmx3 – at least until xmas. I guess all that means is i still got a regular wage coming into my bank account, but i will have more time to progress things with dave. As time has always been the key element thats been missing from our little projects. We have decided that Maxxd days are gonna be Thursday to Sunday, and MMX3 days are Monday to Wednesday. I might still have to do some security work at weekends, but not for too much longer i hope.

The weather has turned from random, to wet! For ages now every so often we had a nice blast of sun, or the odd random sunny patch. Now, it rains, rains and is rate windy. nab pointed out that we only seem to have 2 seasons in the UK. “Summer” and Winter. And summer is mearly a few weeks in between the very long winter that seems to haunt us all.

Oh well, if i get my head down for the rest of this year, the few weeks of summer we have will come round faster than you can say..


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All is fallin into place matey 🙂 Security onsites will be a thing of the past.

Love will sort itself out no doubt, just dont expect too much and you cant get hurt, one step at a time. The shit your hearts doing is dangerous, just be careful.

Roll on the 27th heh 😀

I was thinking about setting up a data centre and selling hosting and stuff the other day.

I spent about 5 hours fixing a 5 month old sendmail/qmail problem on a server in New York and it really got me thinking that I could be doing something like that for a living. Hosting game servers, web servers, etc. That’d be awesome.

Good luck with your Maxxd stuff, I hope it works out soon.

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