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Weekend Of Relaxation

This place is 5 minutes away from my house..

The Ghetto

Its like a different world!

The Palace

Woop! The party house, and olstars clean car!

Friday came around, and for the last few weeks sheldon and some of the boys have come round for some beer and a laugh. And this friday was to be no exception! We rang around, rallied the troops and after visiting my dads for tea i went and picked up Sheldon from his house. We rang about and got some party products, and headed back to the party house to polish them off.

The night was mad to be fair, and we didn’t stop till about 2, maybe 3 and at that point dave and wardo kept going, but i wasn’t about to spend loads more of my money. Im glad i went to bed early-ish as it meant i had a ace night sleep, woke up happier than I’ve ever been and felt great. Saturday was just a chill out day, i hardly did anything! Ahhhh.

Then on saturday night we went to Doncaster for a Cruise. It was ok, but until i have a car to show off its never gonna give me that spark that it used to. I remember the days when all we did was go to cruises, and walk about, take photos and generally absorb the scene around us. Now we’ve kinda seen most of the scene, know most of the site owners and we kinda go to show our faces. Although quite recently I’ve got a bit more stuck into things, as i really do wanna get back into it properly.

Saturday night i went to stay at a friends house, with a certain someone. It was great, another amazing night to add to the list. Im really really falling for this certain person. I think about her all the time, and she makes me happy even when i just think about the time we’ve spent together. its all a bit too much at the mo, i keep thinkin something is gonna go wrong and my life is gonna majorly suck again. But for as long as its like this, im gonna keep this smile on my face and carry on being the extremely happy person i have become over this last month.

Sunday night was another relaxed one. After sunday dinner at my mums i went home and laid on my bed, the next thing i know its 8:00pm and id just woken up. Hahaha.. It meant i’d caught up on a few hours sleep id lost recently – which is only a good thing. HSB and dave were round at my house at night, and we had a J or two (oops) and ate lots of food, whilst watching F&F & F&F2. Wish we’d had the 3rd one, as to be fair its the best one they have made so far.

I have woken up this morning feeling fresh as a daisy. Im happy, and I’ve finally started sorting my finances out, so im not broke as a joke all the time now. Its like my life has been transformed! Well, i guess it has really.


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ha ha sounds like you have had a good weekend! Nice and happy with plenty of rest which is always good!!! Hope the Party wasn’t too messy?!! lol wasn’t you worried about the house being trashed?!! madness

I know what u mean about Cruises too.. i used to love going, walking round checking out all the cars.. and i feel now like its once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all!

you need dave as your personal b1tch 😀
he tidys your house because he manages to channel his scruff anger into covering my car in brown tape – haha.

glad things r looking up for u mate, never even knew you owned a clio now – how random.

You should introduce Dave to Dixon lol!

Know what you mean with the woman situation. Not exactly the same situation but im keeping someone on the down low, just seeing how it goes for now.

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