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Tanya’s Birthday

After a very boring day at work, i rushed home, got ready and headed off to the Dog and Duck in edwinstowe with Dangerous Dave, to celebrate my old mate Tanya’s 23rd birthday. We havent seen that lot for ages, we used to go round to dixons house where tanya lived, every thursday – or most nights – and bring weed or draw to add to the festivities.

We had some amazing laughs round there, and there was a lot of people that we knew then, that we have both lost contact with now. We saw Tanya, Dixon, Carly, Carly (yes your sis stu!) Jackman, Waxy and a few others, of whom im not too familiar with. It was still mad to see how people are getting on with their lives after such a long time. Waxy and another lad are both having babies with their partners, some have bought houses, and all are generally gettin on with shit. Lydon let us down big style YOU GAY as he’s broke his ankle, and fell of his crutchs about a hour before the table was booked for. You let down!

Dog And Duck Edwinstowe

The dog and duck has been re-done recently apparently, and it WAS a realy nice athmosphere. The decor was really quite posh and even the plates ruled. And the food? Ooooowwwwwweeee! It was bloody gorgeous! Ok, there may not of been enough, but everyones food looked beautiful. Definatly a place ill be visiting again.
I appologise to anyone who has commented and had problems with them being displayed, a few of you (Ally in particular, for some reason) are favored by my Anti-Spam plugin. But ive gone thru and restored the few comments it had eaten. If your comment doesnt appear, then bare with me and ill pick it up eventually. Its a really good addition to any wordpress blog tho, once the spam bots have started finding your site anyway!

I cant belive how bloggin has taken off in this last month. I bet about 5 or more of my mates have started one. Its cool because its a good way of keeping in touch with people, and a blog is a fantastic way to let off steam, vent, rant, moan and generally say what the fuck you like! And becasue people can comment on your posts, its like they can discuss stuff with you that you’d probably never talk about in person with them.

But remember guys, your blog can (and probably will, in time) get you into trouble. Ive had mates sacked from jobs because of things they have written on their blogs (eh stu and dave 😉 ) ive seen relationships end, people fall out, arguments start.. But even after all that, i still dont censor what i write. Oh, apart from that one thing, that we dont discuss, yet 😉

Me and wiggy have moved loads of boxes of metal off the back of this lorry this morning. There were a few others helping but we aint cut out for this manual labour are we wiggy mate? My arms hurt now, and ive decided im having the rest of the day off. So im gonna sit here, moan about my back hurting and do whatever work gets thrown my way.
I got me a 250gb portable hard drive yesterday, so thats at home currently being filled with all the junk off my laptop, and ive already cleared out my work PC. I will fill mine before your woggo! Muhaha!

Guess i best do the “make myself look busy” routine again. Ho hum!

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i always seem to struggle commenting at work.. i thought it was cause i was looking at non-health authority sites as i know our network can be an arse sometimes! lol

hope my blogging doesn’t get me into trouble.. he he carl knows i have one.. but he’s not asked for the address… im sure he will in time.. perhaps i should tell him about my encounter with the bently man? lol


mmm steak!
i had some stake cobs the other night, rate chewy though! Infact, fost one ended up covering my face with blood and grease as I couldn’t eat it, it just kept slapping me in the face.

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