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Give Blood!

Maddsy informed me that stevie had a blood transfusion, and that she actually had the same blood that i have. So technically it could of been mine. Its so satisfying when you hear of someone directly benifiting from something you have donated. The world would be fucked, and there would be a lot more dead people lying about if no one donated blood. It takes half a hour, and you could save someones life!

Dont be crap, give blood! Save lives! 

11 replies on “Give Blood!”

My mum needed blood when she was ill, so I know how important it is.

They only take a pint, and I would much rather give it away, so it can be used for something good.

I could save someones life.

I have never given it before, will they tell me what my blood type is ?

i will give blood wen if i can, im thinkin bout more tattoos so i dont think you can give blood till 6month after they hav been done

i can’t give blood… i was going to when i was younger, but now i have enough trouble with blood tests…

my arm hurts for days, and bruises really badly…

although freaking out when they’re trying to put a needle in my arm probably doesn’t help…

hmm… i think a new tattoo every 6 months should help…

I signed up on the site to give blood last month but then I found out I can’t within 6 months of having a piercing so I didn’t go. Now they keep pestering me with junk mail and texts and I feel guiilty 🙁

Yeah, but the 6 months go’s fast..

I HAVE to give blood, cos my mum got to about 60 pints, then had a heart attack, and now she cant give any more..

She wanted to give 100 pints.. So i have to carry on her legacy!

It’s gonna be a never ending 6 months to be fair, since I’m gonna keep getting more piercings.

Giving blood is overrated anyway. They only want it cause the NHS is a bunch of pacifist vampires.

my dad used to give blood all the time, then upgraded to plasma donation…
he got a special plate for the amount of times he’d done it as well…
but he had a suspected heart attack, and is now diabetic, so can’t do it.

i was gonna take over when i was 17, but only weighed 7.5 stone, so wasn’t allowed! i struggled for 2 years to put on half a stone, so i could give blood.. eventually managed it, so i went in, and they made such a mess of my arm, even they agreed it was not a good idea 🙁

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