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Trouble Waking Up

I have been late twice this week, and i was nearly late again today. I havent exactly been gettin loads of early ngihts in, but at the same time its not like i normally do. I will deffo have one tongiht tho, ill try and get a good 9+ hours in. I had a phone call last ngiht (not another hoax) and it was some really good news to be fair. But it means the next week is gonna be tough for that person, and it doesnt yet mean i can freely talk about it on my blog. Because im still being watched by a certain nob.

I had wiggy tell me that stevie has had baby maddox number 3 this morning, so congratulations to them both. The birth didnt go 100% as planned, but mother, baby, and father are all doing fine now. If stevie is A positive then it was my blood she had maddsy. You owe me for that you hippy! 😛

I have been tryign to find Fi’s new blog on the internet, she has told me the domain that its hosted on, but thats it. And unfortunatly for me, its not being picked up in google very well yet. dave knows it, but onyl becasue he wouldnt leave her alone with phone calls and messages. She eventually gave up and told him. I want to find it, as with the right techniques i should be able to find anything on the internet. I spend enough time fucking about on it! I will find it! Arggh!

My most recent phone bill is £125. Its the most my bill has been for years! And, it was actually less than i thought it would be! My original contract allowance was something like 200 txt’s and 500 minutes. Which to be fair is a stupid idea. So half way thru the month i rang up and bolted on anoter 400 texts, meaning my bills were always gonna be about £45, but id get a lot for my money. I thougth about bolting on 1000 texts, but id just end up not using them.

Im getting ready for the bills to appear through our door at home. So far we’ve just been saving the rent/bill money, and putting it to one side. Im gonna pay the rent from my account soon, and wardo is gonn hang on to his share till we have a “Bills” bank account he can pay into. That will make it a lot easier for us to work shit out, and keep ontop of the bills so we dont get into a mess financially.

I hope duncan doesnt fuck my wages up again this week, im fucking sick of having to chase them up for it. Its not hard to pay people what they are fucking owed is it really? I should be gettin about £250, which is nice for the second wage packet this week! 🙂 Its all gonna be used for bills, and for food etc tho. So none of it will be going into my savings account. Except maybe £30 to take my ISA back up to £1000.

Its my old mate tanya’s birthday today (happy birthday!!) And we’re going out to the dog and duck for some food to celebrate. It should be a mad one, as all the old faces will be there. Lydon, Pricey, Jackman, dixon etc etc.. Everyone from round dixons house – back in the “lets get wasted on as many drugs as possible” days 🙂 They were times ill remember forever, and it will be good to remember those times with the people that made it happen.

I have hardly any work to do today, so im gonna do a bit of MMS work today. I have the site to tidy up, and once DJB31st comes online, i will have maxxd.NET to finish. Its all good…

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You should defo have 1000 texts a month, that way you wont use them all and your will know how mush your bill is each time… mind you.. I will see 1000 texts as a challenge.. I currently use about 700 a month!

ha ha ha ha – dumbass!

I told you it wouldn’t be easy ya big fuckwit!

Let me know when you’ve had enough and want the address.

Holllllllllerrr – Missy, Barnsley Style! x

Early nights suck mate, sleep when your dead. lol

I’ve been the same recently, been falling into very deep sleeps and feeling rough.

As for the wages, NO COMMENT. But its NOT Duncan’s fault.

I’m in the office all day so gimme a shout if you need me 🙂

ha ha ha you all suck!

thought you all knew what you were dong on t’internet!

what a crock! hurry though eh – you’s post most replies/comments… mates are shy and only post one every month or somet!

Hmmm, ill see how i go this first month..

Sorry if any of your comments dont appear ally, my comment spam software loves to mark your comments as spam for some reason!

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