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Here we have, bean – AKA Random danny, in a rather dodgy photograph. Note the ginger porn tash, and lack of trousers. he is mostly found outside pre-schools, flashing school children – or ringing people up at 3:00am, pretending to be the police. I aint gonan moan, cos to be fair i fell for it hook line and sinker, but i will say this danny..

You didnt want a war, but youve got one ๐Ÿ˜‰ Dont expect to have a good nights sleep for a bit! Muhahaha!

I was late for work again today, i dont know whats wrong with me. I just cant get enough sleep, no matter what time i go to bed or what i eat etc. I have started smoking again, not as much as before, but more than id like. And im starting to notice a few problems with my circulation. When i wake up in a morning, my leg or arm or hand will be numb, and it will take ages to get normal again. I said id stop when it started affecting my health.. I think its about that time.

Im moving my caddy to masons house i recon, whcih is 5 mins away from where i live now. And hopefully they will both help me with it, meaning my evenings wont be spent being a bum at my house – but actually up at masons doing work on’t caddy. There isnt a shit load to do on it to be honest, not that we can do anyway.. Its mainly bits and bobs.. And possible a engine swap. We’ll have to see.

I have outstanding work to do today, and i have lots of personal things i need to do too, so im gonna try and not go on maxxd much, or any other site i run or go on. Its a distraction i could do without!

Oh, and maddsy has gone off to the hospital to see stevie who is having Mini Maddox Number 3. Good luck guys! I hope there are no complications, and i hope your new baby boy is as mad as the first one!


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so the mystery 3am caller problem got sorted then??! What did your mate say when you told him you’d logged a call with the police about him?!

I havent told him, ill see him tongiht and play a lil priank of my own ๐Ÿ˜‰

“but the police have your number now mate, and they said they have had about 5 other calls from people, all giving YOUR number in.. And they take pretending to be the police VERY seriously!”



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