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Hit and Run

Ok, it was 3:15am, and my phone rang – waking me up. I answered and a confident voice on the other end told me how he was from the police, and that my car had been in a hit-and-run incident, in the nottingham area. He continued, and read out my number plate to me, incorrectly – i remember him reading the 9 as a G. Anyway, at 3:15am you dont think about that shit, so i was listeneing and replying with the occasional “Err, ok” he then asked me if i could get down to the police station for further questioning. At the time i presumed my car had been stolen, as i had personally not been anywhere near notts in my car for weeks. So i said that to him, and he claimed that a officer would be with me in the next 10 minutes to take me for further questioning. I was to have my licence, and insurance details with me. So i got up, got dressed and went down stairs.

By this time i was quite awake, and started thinking about what had just happened. i couldnt remember him saying his name, or what station he was from. And he read my number plate out incorrectly. Warning lights started to come on, so i took the wheelie bin out, and waited down stairs for 5 minutes. After that i thought screw this, and went back to bed. I have got up this morning, and im quite concerned about it to be honest. So i rang and reported it to the police, and got a incident number. I have also spoken to O2, and based on the circumstances, they are going to provide me with the number from which the person called – as it was withheld.

The only reason im concerned is because they got my address out of me. I dont care what they think they can bring to me, but bringing shit to my house is another story. Luckily we have fittted a big fuck of bolt and padlock onto the back gate, and twinned with the alarm, dead locked front door and double glazing means were pretty secure. Still means some jelous or childish fool has taken the time, to ring me after making up a rather convincing story, to blag information about me, off me. The police said that if it was a direct threat, then they would of come round when they said they were coming, and that i was to not worry. It would be a different fucking story if he’d of got the phone call himself. The fact that someone took so much time, over something like that, worries me. But not too much 😉

At the end of the day, the cops told me to ring them back if i was successfull in getting the phone numebr off of O2, and that they would pursue it for me. Claiming to be a police officer, when your not, appears to be a raw nerve with them. in fact, they insisted that i call back if i was successfull in gettin the number. Id love to see the persons face when the police actually ring them and ask them to come down to the station. haha, payback bitch!

Oh, the copper did run my number plate through the system, and it didnt bring anything up. So either its been recorded incorrectly, or it was a hoax. Either way ill find out thursday. I have ONE idea as to who it is.. Its the only person i can think of who doesnt know where i live, and would benefit from knowing. If it is you, then im gona come down on you like a ton of fucking bricks. Ive wanted an excuse for smashing you the fuck up, and it looks like you just gave me one. Prick.

Roll on thurday.

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I had something similar a couple of weeks ago. Someone from Parcelforce rang to say that they had a parcel for me and wanted to know an address to which to deliver it. I gave them works address thinking that I’d be there and nothing has come up since.

Maybe its a spate of things going round? The parcel reference they gave me was sent to someone in Gatwick and was signed for at the Airport.



Hmm maybe.. Ill give them a call on thursday after i have given their number to the 5-0.

I hope its someone who thinks they are clever and blagged me.. Cos they’re about to get a taste of their own medicine 🙂

Mint dude! How fucking gripped are they going to be when O2 give you their number – what sort of stupid ass would do that though???!

You have GOT to ring them first and let them know you’re ringing the po po and handing their number over! ha ha

I thought about ringing them up and blaggin THEM…

But im gonna ring and im gonna ask to speak to the person who pays the bill..

then ill ask who am i speaking too..

then ill turn teh fake sact off, and tell them that ive reported them to the 5-0 and that they are gonna get fucked for impresonating a coppa..


i love it!

still a bit freaked that some clown knows my address now tho..

WoW! 😮

I bet that spun you out a that time of the morning.

Really do hope you get the twat.

I’d love to be there when the 5-0 capture them, I reckon it would make a mint pwned picture 😉

Thats some f***** up shit right there.

Its the sorta joke i’d play on someone but not at that time in a morning. Now you got their number mind we can have some serious fun.

Its probably someone that reads your blog or knows you or they wouldnt have your number.

Send me the number too and i’ll have some fun with them 😉

ps: day two – timewasting jargon speech here here

Woah! thats crazy! Stick to what the police say and when you get their number from O2 pass it on to the police. I would of been shitting myself with a phone call at that time in the morning! fingers crossed with O2!

I have GOT to ring them tho..

But i wont be offencive or anything..

I may of got some more info, on who it could be..

But nothing is set in stone..

Im not doing any more diggin anyway, im jsut gonna wait for thurday 🙂

First piece of advice would be to get the number, and then hand it over to the police. Don’t bother ringing it. you don’t want that number showing up on your bill, regardless of the time the calls were made at.

Do yourself a favour and let the police do absolutely nothing about it for a while before you get even more involved yourself 🙂

thats what i was gonna say! let the police deal with it right, then in a couple a months a compleately “unrelated” event may or may not occur

Knowing my luck tho, they’ll do fuck all.. and i a totally random no related event happend to this person, id get arrested and shit..

Ah well, i guess id just have to make the totally random and unrlated event worthwhile 😉

ha ha I got a phone call as well!

I was half asleep I must of seemed drunk.

Think it’s someone who has our numbers.

They hang up on me after I told them I was in notts but hanging out the back of there mum pmsl.

Anyways, dont worry about it, it was a wind up!

The police are supposed to be the only ones who can get the number from 02! lol. Or at least thats what 02 told me a couple of months ago when Vicky was having crank calls…..
Hope you find it out though. It fucks me off that any fuckwit with a mobile phone can ring you and abuse you, but for “confidentiality” reasons you cant find out who it is! Biggest load of bollocks Ive heard for a long time!
Hope ou catch whoever it is though!

i was gonna say that… technically, o2 can’t give you the number, for security, and data protection. the police should have a number for a specific department that deal with exactly this, and they should know that…

give o2 a go, and see if they will give you the number, but don’t rely on it dude…

anyways. hope everything else is groovy.

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