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Censoring the world

Ok, first off, i worked 12 hours on saturday and 12 hours on sunday at J24, barrier. I have put that for my reference so that when i look back to see when ive worked, i dont have to trawl thru the whole post.

Now to the point in hand. I have had two messages off two friends today, one is from hairstraightner boy, and one was (indirectly) from Fi. H.S.B has removed his blog completley, and fi has (again) moved her blog. I guess the reasons for a blog is not to entertain (although i personally like to inject a bit of humor now and then into my blog entries) – it is an online diary that people, friends and randoms happen to read. I guess for some people, it really is something that they only write for their benefit, and really dont like other people reading it. But at the same time when something plays on your mind and you feel you cant talk to anyone about it, your blog is a way out, a way to talk to “someone” about it, and then indirectly have your friends and randoms comment on it, sometimes telling you exactly what you need to hear.

Unfortunatly, like all aspects of most parts of our lives, there are people out there who like fucking things up. I know fi had some trouble with a complete tosser who kept posting shit comments and being a total cunt on her blog, which (i think) is probably one of the reasons shes moved it. On my about page, ive put that if someone is offended by the things i write about them, then tough shit, and that they shouldnt of pissed me off in the first place. I think more people should bear that in mind when blogging. If every time i blogged something i got on my high horse and started abusing people for no reason, then i deserve any retaliation the abused parties may want to throw my way, but simply recording an incident thats already happened, or commenting on someones attitude towards something etc, then its tough shit. If they didnt want things writing about them on the internet for all the millions of people to read, then they should, Stop. Being. A. Cunt.

I dont know why HSB has stopped blogging, but what usually happens is new girlfriends find out they have been mentioned in a blog, even if its only nice things that have been said, and freak out. I know my ex used to hate being mentioned in it, but its something that anyone i know has to understand. Sooner or later, you will end up being mentioned on here. And if you dont like that factor, then you best not give me reason to blog ya πŸ˜‰ There is one person i dont talk about on my blog actually, but hopefully that wont be for too much longer.

In conclusion, fuck them all. Dont censor jack shit – join the hardcore blogger revolution!

My weekend has been a tiring one. I had to be at work both saturday and sunday down at Junction 24 on what is called the barrier. I had to sit in a portacabin, for 12 hours, staring at a gate that no one ever comes through. yes thats right, no patrolling, no checks, just staring at a gate. Bullshit! So, ive had a bit of a movie marathon. During my 24 hours there, i watched;

The longest Yard
Over the Hedge
Twin Dragons
Kill Bill 1 & 2
New Police Story
The Dudesons
Silent Hill
The Hills Have Eyes
The Sentinal
Scary Movie 4

I think there are more, but its early monday morning and i cant even think properly yet. I have to say out of them all i enjoyed the New Police Story (or “San ging chaat goo si” as its known in china/hong kong) the most. Its got Jackie chan in, and is a subtitled film about some crazy kids who go round killing coppers, and there is a deep and badly translated storyline that is kinda easy to follow – they need to work on those subtitles tho, haha they were making me piss myself. its a nice change to see jackie doing something in his native language – it means he can concentrate on portraying the charector properly and fighting ret well, instead of thinking what he has to say. Its deffo worth a watch if you like fighting films, and action.

Also, the dudesons is absolutley hilarious. jackass? Dirty Sanchez? Pfft.. Move over! The DUDESONS are THE kings of crazyness! I cant even begin to tell you the crazy shit they do – ok i will.. One scene they tip toe into a room where one of them is sleeping, pour lighter fluid on him, everywhere, and then light his ass on fire. Hes on fire for a few minutes and didnt wake up cos it was only his blanket was on fire. They then poured more lighter fluid on him and he woke up when the flames doubled. he threw the blanket on the floor, and about burnt the house down (they actally do burn their house down by mistake later on) The guy who was on fire then starts throwing TV’s and monitors at them in  a fit of rage, so they run off and lock the door to the room the fire dude was sleeping in.. He then takes a chainsaw, cuts the door open and chases them down the street. Its fucking briliant, and very, very stupid. Download Buy it, Now!

I enjoyed watching them all to be fair, and i guess gettin paid to watch them aint that much of a raw deal. It still sucked to have wasted all my weekend working tho. It wont be forever thenk god.

Dave is starting at the office today. Im not sure which company hes working for today, as we have a few who want our expertise in Sales, Marketing and Design. Lets hope dave works on Maxxd stuff today, and lets hope it go’s well!

Im running out if things to type, so im outa here.

Peace out brothers and sisters.

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I think like you ol! If someone dont like what you’ve put about them…. then they shouldnt have done something to make you put it! i.e. Piss you off! I currently enjoy blogging, and love knowing that people read it! i find its a way out, as i’m one of them that tends to bottle things up, and find it hard talking to people about how i feel! Was the same when i was with bex, but not to the same extend now! as i feel i cant open up to people, for fear of being hurt again! πŸ™

check me with the long comment!

Ol, you know me reasonably well and I’m sure you know that I have no qualms in saying what I think about things and did so on my blog. I don’t lie on it nor do I randomly sit slagging folk off just because I dislike them – if that was the case then I’d be slagging LOADS of people off and wouldn’t have anything else to say…..ever.

In this particular case though, I feel my blog was ruined by the fact that I couldn’t speak freely as there are/have been/will be repercussions (hence the disappearence of Hairstraightner boys blog too).

The particular time in my life/blog that was picked up on recently was a really low point for me where I felt that my blog was my only escape and my way to vent it without causing trouble by voicing it directly at the tossers who were in my life. These halfwit, fuckin oafs with nothing better to do dedideed it would cool to kick it all of again…..blah blah blah.

Sorry if you feel that I’ve shit out. I never minded my friends and even the random strangers reading it and commenting, but when it’s just people who hate me and made my life in recent months a misery then I feel like I cannot be totally honest.

See you soon ma darlin’ x

Yeah, you dont have to appologise to me.

Sorry to hear that the demise of your blog was down to a few knobheads draggin up old shit, i used to enjoy reading your random ramblings.

Never mind, maybe when they have all grown up, or been locked up – you can start one again.

Chat soon luv πŸ™‚

dude i dont think you could be more right about all the shit that has kicked off, thats why my blog is no more. Not because of ex girlfriends gettin pissed off bout shit i write its because ex friends take cant take things they give. but its all done with now dude, i can concentrate on bigger and better things, like a certain someone i am really starting to like.

so to all those read this, and dont like what i say,
I’ll end this shit with a FUCK YOU, BUT HAVE A NICE DAY

Yes well, to the mildly educated, there ‘may’ be a little ray of light…..good luck with the hunt for part 2. Check my old blog if you dont understand! Please do not link to it though eh if you find it!

Oh and as for movie quotes, utter cheese but aptly fitting…

…I’ll be back x

As for today’s work its been a case of plannin the tasks here and getting a better understanding of what the company wants and what is involved.

Had more work dropped on me today too for another firm.

Need sales staff URGENTLY – talk about being overloaded

wow, sounds like you’ve been dvd’d out this weekend! im all set for an x-men marathon this week when my new X3 DVD arrives later this week!

Oh.. and it sucks not being able to write what you like on your blog.. I feel for Fiona πŸ™

Ally x

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