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Days off, and mars drinks..

People that know me, know that i have a few addictions. One is adidas sneakers, one is smoking and one is mars drinks. I love them. I cannot get enough of the liquid mars bar drink! Cos they taste so much like the bars its untrue.. Any other chocolate milk drink (and trust me, ive tried them all) is not even anywhere near the standard of these. Them cadburys ones are lush, so are the galaxy ones.. But NOTHING beats a mars drink. If you have never had one, go get one.. NOW!

Tomorrow, i have the day off. Im really looking forward to it actually, a nice lie in, a lazy day, and i get to mow our lawn as its gettin a bit too long. I saw my dad in asda at lunch time, and he’s gonna come round tomorrow with his lawn mower. Rock on!

Things are still going great, piece by piece things are falling into place, and hopefully soon the puzzle will be complete. If you’d of asked me what i thought id be doing and where id be living now, 6 months ago, id of probably wouldnt of expected any of my life to of changed, never mind all of it!

Im just gettin a bit bummed about my cars. I want to sell my clio but i really need a car now due to living further away from work. And i really wanna sort my caddy out, but now im further away from it, so it looks like im gonna end up gettin someone else to do ALL the bodywork, as i was gonna prep a lot of it myself. At this stage i dont care if it will end up costing me £2000 to get my caddy to the stage i want it at. Im just sick of it rotting away in my garage. ive had the thing since i was 18, and hardly ever used it.

Im fucking glad i have got tomorrow off to be honest, because i dont think i could get away with doing as little as i have done this week so far, for antoher day. I bet you could of crammed all the work ive done this week, into one morning. Seriously. Its been stupidly slow.

Gonna have a chilled ngiht tonight i think. I mgiht pop and see dave, then borrow another DVD off tony. Or i mgiht watch teh business again, as its a ret good film and ive seen most of my others 4 million times – so watching that one again is no biggy.

Off now for a few more hours of making myself look busy. Ho hum!

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You have a tip box too!

I had one at work and some of the students would put stuff in it every now and again πŸ˜€ I think I had about £2, a receipt, and a bus ticket in there before it got stolen over the summer.

I’ll have to make another one.

yeah, im the only one who ever puts cash in tho..

oh, i think maddsy put about 2p in once.. actually i think it was 1 cent from america.. so pretty useless really haha πŸ™‚

I hoped id get tipped when i did good work, but nah. πŸ˜†

Alright mate, just got back and would like to say a huge thankyou for my new blog theme, that really is the shit πŸ™‚ – as Stu would say WOW.

It seems that the jigsaw is coming to a near finish, then it shall be the task of makin it bigger and findin more and more pieces (dont you just love my random lines of wording huh?)

Chilling out sounds good mate, do it whilst you can cos i can see us both being busy as fuck soon. I’ll be rushin round all day tomorrow and have am going for a meal in the evening so may see you for a short while in the day. Until then, ROCK ON πŸ˜€

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just 2 let u knmo dude i no longer hav a blog, due to all the shit that seems to be attracted to me. i’m pretty sure i will hav another one up and running in due course but until then u should prob delete my old blog from your links.

catch you on the flipside


Everythings a changin’ Oliver and it’s all gravy, hard work, but gravy indeed.

This year has been a biggie for a lot of us, but hopefully things are lookin up!

Sarahb xx

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