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The motivation has left the building..

Officially! I cant be arsed to do, anything! I have been sat staring at this “Write Post” screen of my blog, for about 2 hours. Not only do i feel boring right now, i also feel tired as fuck which is not helping me concentrate. I shouldnt be tired tho really, i have been getting the right amount of sleep, more than usual – yet im still struggling to get out of bed in a morning.

Me and wardo did nothing but mong out and watch CSI last night. It was ace, cos id not seen any of them – even though i had borrowed the DVD off wiggy about 4 months ago. I had some steak defrosted that i cooked, whilst wardo did some chips. It was much better than our previous attempts. Im stll cooking my steaks too long though, it was brown all the way thru! Boohoo! My dad always used to say “Rip its horns out n wipe its ass” – As he like his steak VERY rare. I like it rare too, but not so its still blue and cold in the middle.

We took the door of our kitchen too, as it is so annoying. But now i got thinkin that we might actually need it on to keep the cooking smells and noises in the kitchen. Also, is it like a fire hazard to not have a door on your kitchen? God knows.. It feels about twice as big now though, as the door got in the way so much.

Its our wednesday meeting tongiht. Wednesdays always used to mean scott would come pick me up, we’d go down have a few joints and chill with the crew. Now scott and fi are loved up, and my situation is forever changing  – wednesdays just aint the same anymore! I suppose change is good though. Even though i feel myself drifting away from people who were previously very good mates.

Looking back a month ago, i was so stuck in my ways. Every week was the same, id do the same things every night. It was so fucking boring. And in a month, its all changed.. I still cant get my head round it sometimes. There is just one piece of the puzzle thats left to settle, and hopefully i can sort that out tonight. if i can, then ill be the happiest person on the frickin planet πŸ™‚

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Hey ol, life is just one big let down – I read your blog! So I’m adding a comment, just so u know!

The way I avoid people falling out with me over my blog is, any post that is about my feeling about someone – is written like… “A certain special lady” “Don’t you hate people who…”

Then they know who u r talking about, but you can call them paranioid scizophrenics if they confront u!

ol! i feel that i am slowly drifting away from people who 2 months ago i was like best mates with! Situations change, and it’s all about adapting to them mate!

You’ll sort it! I have faith in you πŸ˜€

Change is good mate, I fuckin love it, seems to be a big part of my life at the moment, something is always changing, and it tends to be for the better.

I used to hate change and be worried about it but have learnt to deal with it and adapt to it as best as possible.

Why you think 2pac did a song on it ? – that must mean something , haha

All ya gotta do is stay positive mate, work hard and let nature take it course πŸ™‚


i can stay silent no longer, YOU are quite possibly the most exquisite exhibit of maleness i have ever laid my eyes on. You make me quite frisky!

you may be the internet, but i am seriously entertained, that was 10 minutes well spent just picturing the 2 of your faces ….i am sniggering with mirth…..

yes, and if i dont find something to entertain myself now, i am in danger of having to work to earn my huge wage… and now that i am exposed as who i am, previous posts of yours casting dispersions on ollerton ladies hurt my feelings!

2 months ago I was hanging out with a bunch of people that I pretty much never see now. I’d say I’m struggling to see a down-side, but I’m not actually interested in finding one πŸ™‚

I’m quite happy spending the vast majority of my time pissing about online, at work, or watching movies (at least until I’ve seen a lot more).

No doubt that will all change at some point, but change is good. Glad you’re not feeling down about it πŸ™‚

Dude, drifting away from people is a sad fact of life. Everybodies circumstances are always changing. Whether it’s moving away, being loved up or new career. They all cause it, you just have to accept it and stay in touch.

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