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Ok, so far, my blog has ended relationships, caused arguments between friends, and has generally been a pain in the arse in regards my life. But… I keep on writing. I have thought about stopping a lot of times. I have thought about censoring this blog a lot, and having another secret one that only i know about to talk to myself about realy personal things. I have also looked into anonymous blogging, but that seems to be a wash with fucked up peaodophiles, and i try and stay as far away from fucked up weirdos like that as possible! Even on the internet! So i thught fuck it, and decided to carry on spilling my heart out to the world, for everyone to read.

I often wonder who reads my blog too, Random people? Old school mates? Current friends? Ex girlfriends? Who knows.. id like everyone who may be reading this, to post a little comment so i know your there. if you dont its no bother, i just wanna know whos keeping tabs!

A lady rang dave today, about a charity Itallian Job type event, to raise money for the NCH, the children’s charity..

“This year’s rally starts off in Venice, and travels through the picturesque landscape of Northern Italy eventually arriving in Turin. The ‘job’ takes place over 6 days (27th October to 2nd November 2006) with up to 200 like minded ‘jobbers’ getting lost and having about as much fun in a mini as is possible.

Enter with a mate, your Mum or a colleague and enjoy the scenery, food, wine and all that the fabulous Emilia-Romagne region has to offer. All you need is a mini (classic or new) or any other classic car featured in the original film.

Entrants are asked to try and raise £1500 per team of 2, both NCH and The Italian Job work closely with all entrants to help you fundraise and support you whilst on the job. In addition to this there’s a £500 entry fee per team and general expenses such as food and accommodation.

Each year a fantastic amount of money is raised through fundraising activities, events and sponsorship for NCH including the sale of raffle tickets with the chance to win a New Mini, selling advertising space on the Mini’s involved and attending various Mini events across the UK.

Since the event began 17 years ago almost £2 million has been raised for various children’s charities and almost £1 million of this has come to NCH. These funds have helped NCH to continue as the leading provider in the UK of services for disabled children and their families, children’s services in rural areas, family and community centres and services for young people leaving care.

If you like the sound of a fun packed adventure through the spectacular terrain of northern Italy in one of Britain’s best loved and iconic cars for please visit or call Marie on 01773 541525″

We’ll probably end up doing it to be honest, as we like raising money for charities, and a trip round italy in a mini sounds COOL! I wonder if my mother would lend me hers?

Anyway, half way through the email i noticed my name mentioned…

“Think about it….. Oh and Ollie, according to his blog should really come along to the singles ball – cant guarantee they’ll be any randy mares with spliffs but you never know !”

Ahahaha.. so a random lady from some random charity has read my blog! Random! I dont mind at all, it just stunned me when i read it. I forget sometimes at how freely available this site is, and that just by reading it – people ive never met or even spoke to can know me better then some of my old school mates do.

Anyway, i suppose i best get this stufff pressed out for Optickleer. My back is really hurting. Could this be the serotonin depletion that i have dreaded for so long, catching up with me? Oh bugger..

New theme AGAIN for the 4th time today, i have added my eyes at the top, and i think its simplicity and pretty cool layout will mean it stays for a bit.

Peace out.

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i dunno man..

its about all im gond at, and TBH i dont think im all that good at it!

giev me some pics, and ill remake your top pic on your if you want dude..

it would be my pleasure

I read it and I know 4 or 5 girls in my office read it too but they would never comment as they are of the opinion that it should only be commented on by your friends, so will never do it. I have often said they should when they’re on about it at work.

I like it when random folk comment on mine although I had a bit of hassle with 3 particular weirdo’s commenting and bitching about my friends and being shitbags etc – had to delete their comments.

Dont stop!! I’m addicted to yours! As i am addicted to posting on mine hahaha

Also was addicted to wardos weekend blogs, but untill he gets the net, it’ll be difficult to read 😐

lol so it seems 3+ years on from the last comment.. i manage to stumble onto this site… (tinie tempah – pass out lyrics… loving this tuuuuuune!) anyway just had a nosey around and thought id leave my stamp 🙂 good job! thumbs up!

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