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One day ill settle..

I can never leave the layout of my wordpress blog alone. I love finding out new themes, and trying them out. I find many are not made very well, or at least they are not made for someone who likes to write, but for someone who likes to have a nice looking blog. I found this one whilst scouring google for theme sites i had not yet been on. It gets harder and harder to find cool themes, i should really record the sites i use – so that i can go back and check on them in the future. Im quite liking this one though, its got a new-ish feel to it, and its easy on the eye. So i recon ill stick with it for a bit.

I didnt do much last night, i tidyed my room, and watched “The Business” on DVD that i borrowed from tony. Its a really good film actually, very similar to other films if im honest, but deffo worth a watch. Just as i put it on, wiggy, laura and sammie came to my house to steal DVD’s. Laura needs to expand her film knowledge as it appears shes hardly watched any! How have you managed to survive this long? Films are like, a MAJOR part of my life! I love them! After they had gone i sat and watched it right to the end, then hit the sack.

I actually remember some of my dream too, although it was basically me in the film i had watched earlier. So it wasnt like my brain had made some awesome story up. Even my brain is lazy!

Me and wardo have decided on a sum of cash that we are gonna put away each week. Its about £25 more a week than what i was paying at daz’s, but thats nothing. Especially when we both have a full run of the house, no one moaning at us, and are both really happy.

A while back, i mentioned that something is gonna go wrong soon. Well it hasnt, yet. But i still think it will. Ive had far too much good karma over this last month, its almost been all too good to be true. Its the same for wardo too, i think. Hes moved out of his mums, to where most of his mates are, has got a girlfriend which he is crazy about, and is generally a happy dude. I guess the bad karma backlash could of been the £125 phone bill i got thrown at me, or when our bills come through, we might find that we cant afford them and i have to eat into my ISA. I suppose its nothing compared to the leaps and bounds in which my life has progressed this last month. Ah fuck it, im happier than ive been in months, and i couldnt give a fuck if i had to wipe my ISA out, it would all be worth it.

I have been doing loads of IT work at MMX3 this last week or so, today i am trying to configure a printer on the network. Back in’t day i used software called JetAdmin, but that has been superseded by  Web JetAdmin, which seems to work.. but now i cant find the drivers for the printer i need. Well i can find them, but i have to sign up to HP site – which i did, but it doesnt seem to work. Ahh the life of a techie. Ill have it cracked and working in a hour or so.

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Yo. I doubt any more bad karma will come mate.

Everythings looking good from my angle 🙂 EXCEPT this pants theme you have.

My bad karma was my Grandad, which in turn has created good karma if you get me, hence me moving and a few other things falling into place.

Only one bad thing really which is a certain someone gossiping to a certain someone else, but I know who it is and it aint really that much of a problem, nothing will stop me or us in that matter doing what we are doing. As for the latest sabotage attempt, pfffff.

Keep your positive head on mate and carry on working hard. See you very soon in a town near you 🙂

mmmmmmmmmm, think of all the time we both spend on, blogs and all the other little things.

Then think about puttin that time into the office and the marketing and advertising.

All comes together nicely doesnt it 🙂 roll on next week

you don’t need a driver for the jet admin,

configure a new local printer, then instead of using LPT1 create a new TCP/IP port.

give it the IP of the printer and then it will just ask for the STD drivers for the printer ( obtainable off the net)

give me a ring if you get stuck..

I got it to print from the server, as thats where i installed web jet admin.

I can see it on other pc’s but it says ACCESS DENIED like i need to give people permission to print to it?

I give up!

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