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Talk about a mad one!

I had friday off, to sort out the change of address shit for all my personal things like banks etc. Then after that, and a quick stop off at my dads, i went up to sheldons to get some photos of all his stuff he wanted to put on ebay. I took a million photos then headed back to mine with sheldon, to drink beer and do what blokes do on a friday night.

I then went to bed, and had to be up for 7am to be at work for 8. 12 hours of serious boredom, and starvation (i NEVER take enough food) and GOD DAMM im sick of watching the same fucking videos i have on my laptop, over and over again! I must remember to update them next time scott comes round!

Saturday night looked to be another night at home bored, but then dave rang me telling me i was going out, and that we were gonna have a mad one! Going out two saturdays on the trot was not usually my bag, but i couldnt be arsed to sit at home and be a bore. So it was on!

I got home, and wardo and wiggy were downstairs waiting for me, i was well happy they had waited for me to finish work! Shit shower and shaved, no wait.. i didnt shave i must do that soon *mental note* – Anyway, we were out by about 9:30, and on it even before we’d left. We started with a few bevvys at home, and in the car on the way down. Wiggy was being his usual boring (ill not drink, and ill drive) self! Wiggy – NEXT TIME IF YOUR NOT DRINKING IM GOING TO SPIKE YOUR DRINKS WITH JD! We nearly got pulled on the way down, which was hilarious at the time. We got into town and headed straight for 53 degrees. We met a few others in there, and the night just got better and better. Dave and stu tried to breakdance again, but it wasnt as good as last week. We then went to flanigans i think.. err.. its all a bit hazy after that. I drink far too much JD and coke when i go out, then it catches up with me later on!

Im pretty sure we ended up in coyotes, then liquid, or was it coyotes, flanigans THEN liquid? God knows.. Liquid was ace apart from when i was chatting to some girl, and turned round to be greeted with a face full of stu’s nob. No, really.. Im gonna shit in one of his shoes when hes at some house passed out one time. Mark my words stu, this aint over mother fucker! hah! By this stage i was fucking wasted, so we headed home and had to grab a taxi as wiggy had gone home. I love being cheeky i do. I knocked on a taxi window, “Taxi for olly?” i said, knowing full well i haddnt ordered shit. He radio’d in to confirm if i had one, they replied with a price and he signaled to get in. It was great, there was even some drunk bitch on the other side trying the same. Maybe its cos i have a large beard, and look like some kind of terrorist? Either way we were on our way home within minutes. Got home and.. well.. thats for me to know and you to imagine! ๐Ÿ˜›

Anyway, it was again one of the best nights ever, but for totally different reasons to the night last week. It was a totally different night in fact.. But it was still great. I eventually got to sleep at about 5, and was up at 7 to do antoher 12 hour shift. Boohoo!

I got on site, and about passed out for a few hours. I somehow managed to last till about 2:30pm, on only 4 slices of bread left by dave (hworang) as i had totally forgotten to bring food and drink with me. I didnt even realise what teeshirt i had on until about 3:00pm and by then I had been there 7 hours! Dave came up, and was followed by chris from donny cruise. Hes one sound guy he is, got a lot of cash but isnt a cunt about it. I think its cos hes worked hard for it, and tbh he deserves every penny.

The last patrol of my shift finished at 07:30pm, and i collected my things together, and headed down towards the gate to wait for my lift. I heard an alarm. Oh shit. I legged it down to the other side of the building site, and dave (hworang) was there (he was taking over from me on site) and he ran over and said “they’ve robbed the TV mate” so we ran round to the front of the building and the door had been completely smashed open, there was glass and bits of wood everywhere, and the 52″ plasma screen TV that had been stuck onto the wall with what looked like no-more-nails was gone. Vanished. No sign of anyone running away, no sign of anything. I rang the police and eventually managed to describe to the location where i was at (new development, therefore not on maps etc) and about 5 mins later a copper arrived and assessed the situation. A dog unit was on the way to see if they could pick up a scent of the burglar, the very clever doggy managed to find the direction of where he went but lost the trail when he got to the nearby road.

I was crapping myself, i know that the security business is a tough one, and that a fuck up like this could mean lost contracts, and therefore no work.. Which would probably mean the closure of the company. But, i had done everything by the book, filled all my sheets in correctly, AND my boss had previously told them that it WOULD be targeted as its far too “on show” and easy to access. Now because my boss had covered his back, we are not held responsible for it. Thank god!

We eventually got on our way home, and duncan decided to go the motorway route. BIG mistake, from J27 to J29 there was a permanent car park. traffic crawling along, and it must of taken us about 25 mins, if not longer to actually get ONE junction on the M1. Nice one duncan! I got in, changed my coat, and headed straight back out again. Up to stags for LSOM. The bulk of people had elft by the time i got there, i think there was some street racing happening somewhere, soร‚ย  the usual maxxd regulars were still there. I chatted to a few people, watched stu try and breakdance again, then watched everyone lighting their exhaust gasses with a blow torch.. Flaming exhausts rule! then i jsut had ot go home as i was absolutely bolloxed! I got home and tidied up a bit, then hit the sack for 9.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

And boy did i sleep! I was very nearly late for work, and even now at 01:32pm im still totally nackered.Things are really looking up for me and dave. Im gonna have friday off every week until i leave, and go up to the office with dave. We can get the ball rolling with our directory, and hopefully that and the 4 million other things we have to do will earn us a half decent wage.

This time next year rodders…

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What a weekend, not exactly the same but kinda close but missing a few things.

We have even more work to do now man i dread the next month, any more work and we’ll have time for nothing other than work. Cant complain tho ๐Ÿ™‚ – it’ll all pay off.

This time next year we’ll be overloaded with work on lots of money OR delegating everything and earning a little less ๐Ÿ™‚

Either way everyones a winner baby ๐Ÿ™‚

ps: Don’t forget ๐Ÿ˜‰

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