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Oh the joys!

Oh, i never realised how much fun sorting bills and shit out for a house would be! Not! Its such a pain in the arse, filling in forms, ringing stupid call centers up and either speaking to a non-english speaking punkass, or a really helpful english/scottish person.. And guess which one ye old olstizzle gets? yes, the non-english speaking person.

I was on the phone to Lloydstsb, and i wanted to change my address on my account. Apparently i had been sent a secret number, that i was supposed to rind up and give to them, but had i fuck received it. So i had to go thru this automated process of making a new one, then i was to be transferred back to this non english dude, and have to go thru more crap. So after 10 minutes of him reading some complete bollocks about why hes doing what, and the fact they are regulated bla bla bla, i got transferred to some robot, who asked me to “say an 8 digit number”. So i said an 8 digit number (i didnt say “An eight digit number” – i read out 8 numbers, one after the other, ahh you get the idea) and then waited, she read back to me the numbers i had apparently said, and they were wrong, so when prompted i said “No”, and had to do it again. About 5 attempts later, the stupid robot finally picked up that it wasnt gonna work, and transferred me back to the call center la non-english.

So, im back speaking to someone who is blatently reading from a bit of paper, and she starts doing EXACTLY the same shit as the last dude. I interrupted “hang on luv, ive been thru all this shit and i just couldnt get the stupid * machine to understand the 8 numbers i read out”

Ive put a * in that bit, and that was where she stopped talking herself, she was like totally ignoring the fact i was speaking! She then rustled some papers about, and said “do you have touch pad on phone” or some bollocks, and was trying to explain to me (very poorly) that i could key the number in on my keypad instead, so again i was put thru to the robot woman, and i typed my 8 numbers in. Success!

Now why the fuck, couldnt it of said “either type in or read out your 8 numbers now, beep” that would of saved me about 10 minutes of my time, and money. You fucking idiots! Anyway, i finally got thru to the woman i was on the phone to before, and she started explaining to me that i was being transferred to the “change of address department” haha.. and a scottish woman answered, and to be honest the rest of the phone call was absolutley fine. Now im probably the least racist person, ever. I dont dislike any race, colour.. a human is a human in my opinion. But for fucks sake, sort it out lloyds tsb. if i had to ring them up often, id fuck them off! Bigtime!

Ive transferred all my addresses over, and sorted contents insurance and all that other nasty shit that does nothing but consume my money. So now its a matter of hit the bills as they come in. Arrghh god this is the worse part.

And that last post has to of been a record number of comments. Hot dang! haha

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Welcome to the world of renting and running your own place. Its stressful at times mate but so rewarding. How much fun have you had since you moved in. 🙂

Call centres suck arse, theres a huge niche for a call centre service like we spoke about. It’d make millions mate. However in todays world it would cost too much money.

Ten years time mate, everything will be offshore and England will be a place for old people to retire.

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