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Last dying seconds..

I was stood outside the new house last night, with the smokers – just generally talking and smoking – like you do. And i was looking at a spider web that a tiny little 5pence piece sized spider had made. It had 3 daddy long legs trapped in it, One had wiggled its way right into it, and was well and truely stuck, The other two were kinda half stuck in it.

We watched for a few minutes, and dave thought he would interfere with nature, so he started poking one of the long leg things, to make it wiggle around – causing the spider to react by gettin closer to the bug that was the furthest into its web. It then proceeded to climb on top if it, and wrap it up in some web. Then it looked like it injected it with something, as it almost shrivvled up in front of our eyes.

Meanwhile, the other two bugs that were caught in the web, had some sort of bug brain wave. And started having sex. They thought they were gonna be eaten, so they started having sex! It was unbeliveable! I thought only humans made last minute random desisions to do things – when faced with the end of their lives. But obviously not! What was funny tho, is that the motion of them having sex, actually freed them from the web! So maybe they wernt having sex becasue they thought they were gonna die, but becasue they knew it would free them from the web? Or do things like daddy long legs not actualy think like that??

Who knows..

I do know that it was hilarious! When we looked back at the bug that was well and truely caught up in the web, it was wrapped up in more web, and didnt look too alive.

Nature fascinates me. And even tho i hate spiders, i love how they work and how they carry out such simple tasks like preparing their dinner.

We got our settee, and had the first takeaway sent to the house last night! Was a cool night actually, mason, laura, laura and dave were round.. Few beers, some TV.. nice and chilled 🙂

First Takeaway At House!

Wiggy driving van to fetch settees with me 🙂

The Purple People Eater.. Apparently! 😀

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