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Oh what a weekend.

Saturday started off on a good note, it was a nice happy chilled out day – and we were all excited, as we were expecting the ngiht to be awesome.. Boy oh boy were we right! It was the first proper night out wardo had had in mansfield, whilst he has lived here – so we were on it from start to finish! We went to pick crazy stu up from rugby, and the antics started then!

We got back home, and started drinking and stuff, then once everyone had arrived, a bit more drinkin and stuff (stu ate a daddy long legs), and then headed off into town.

First stop was 53 degrees, it where we usually start off from, everyone arrives at different times and once everyone has arrived we move on. Whilst we were in there, dave and stu decided to have a breakdancing competition. It was so funny, cos neother of them can breakdance, but they tried anyway.. and it was rate funny! 🙂

After 53 it starts to go a bit hazey, we went to Romans, after bumping into Malone, and Team Fuckstar, we headed upstairs to romans and started drinking etc. Stu got a bit larey by this point (he’d had 7 pints at rugby earlyer in the day) and started havin a go at troy cos troy kicked off about him rubbing his face in troys birds breasticles.. haha.. you gotta love stu sometimes..

We then went on to flanigans, and this is where things started to go wild. We were stood about drinkin, talkin and dancin – stu started getting all emotional and lairy smashing glasses and gettin upset about his grandad.  I managed to get little sam to blag me and her upstairs as shes quite fit, and bouncers just dont say no to her. So we jumped in front of a 30 person stong queue, only to find the upstairs was HEAVING with people, and VERY hot.. A bit of bump and grind, then back downstiars to find the rest of them.

Then onto liquid. Now i have a policy about liquid, either i dont pay, or i dont go in. Last time i managed to walk straight past the bouncers, and ticket collector with a “Do you know who i am” kinda look and walk goin off! This time, i bottled it (wasnt as drunk as the time before) But lil sam said she would pay for me, and ended up gettin in cheap cos she knew the girl who was collecting money. In there, well.. I cant remember it all.. BUt i do remeber having an awesome time! Lots of sharking, bumpin’ and grindin’ – At one stage i was behind 3 women (all related) and they ended up all kissin me at the same time, i nearly feinted.. haha…

EVERYONE was in high spirits.. And everyone has a mint night. I appologise to anyone i was a cunt to, or who i ignored, i tend to turn into a bit of a nob when im plastered. The ngiht didnt stop there tho…

Usually half 2 comes around, and we head home to bed.. Oh no… not that night! We walked to wiggys car (he was driving, and therfore not drinking – legend! although, your out on the lash next time buddy!) and we headed home for more drinking and consumption of party products. I tried something i never had before, and it was fucking crazy!

We eventually crashed out at about 6am, and scott rang me at 9am to see if i wanted to go to skeg.. I haddnt slept, so i told him id go later with someone else. I got up about half past 11 and went ot fetch breakfast cobs for everyone who was in our house – after that it was skeg time!

Skeg was great, although i wish id of had more energy cos i was exhausted all day. The cruise at night was pretty good, but i expected it to be busyer than it actually was.

All in all, a fucking crazy weekend that ended up costing me £100. Oh fuck, ill regret that later! Nope, i regret that already! 😆

I didnt get many pictures at all, mainly becasue i was too busy having an amazing time! And ive never been so tired on a monday morning, even after nearly 9 hours sleep. This is gonna be a long day!

10 replies on “Oh what a weekend.”

Glad you had a good night brother 😉

i enjoy driving tho mate! Cos then i can blackmail you with random stories of sharking and shit rofl

Dude, ive never met anyone as mental as him..

he go’s a bit, in fact quite a lot OTT most of the time..

BUt at traffic lights he gets out his car.. does a little dance, then jumps back in..


He IS a legend! 😆

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