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An Awesome Feeling

It feels mint to know that no matter what time it is, i can go in my bathroom and have a quick shower. No running baths, no waiting for hot water. Just quick, smple, easy, shower. I fucking love it! At daz’s id always have to wait for him to go in the bath as his job involved him gettin dirty, and hed never think about me and get in the bath as soon as he got home from work (about 5:00pm) he’d always sit mulching for a hour  or two so that by the time he’d sorted himself out it would be like 7pm, and id either not have time or id already of gone out. I guess that was the main problem we had towards the end of my stay at number 9. He in NO way thought about me and what i needed etc. As far as he was concerned i paid him £50 a week for my bedroom. And that was it.

At the new house, i pay more than that, but i have a whole house to use. As does wardo. We dont have rules, just common sence and courtesy. And so far, its going very very well. Me and wiggy go and pick the settee up for the party house tonight so the house, will feel 100% like a home. I cant wait!

Ive been giving serious thought to my future. And what i want out of it. Now i DO want to go travelling, and i WILL go one day. But im not gonna have time to make my other dreams come true of i go when im 25. SO… I think im gonna delay that date for a little while – not for long, maybe a few extra years.. So that i can make some of the things both me personally, and me an dave want to do, become reality.

Basically, i want to own a sneaker shop. I want to sell awesome trainers and clothing. I know mansfield a shit hole, but there is a void – and that void is a missing sneaker shop! I was thinkin how much id like to get a part time job in footlocker or summat, but then thoughts of owning my own shop spring back into my mind and i cant get them out. It would be ideal as i wouldnt have people in all day every day buying trainers, so i could dedicate my time to maxxd thigns whilst sat waiting for my sexy customer to walk thru the door.

Ive said ill regret not going travelling if i fuck about and dont ever go, and i would regret it for the rest of my life. But at the same time i think id regret not owning my own shop too. plus id be stupid to ignore the missing void that is a sneaker shop, in the fluffy town of mansfield.

Hmmm… 🙂

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It’s a tough decision… But you’re far elss likely to get up and go travelling if you own your own shop/business etc. Unless you get it to the point where you no longer need to be there for it to function.

It’s usually much more difficult to just leave town as you get older. You have more and more ties to the area… Just my $0.02 😉

Valid points stu, but i think id like to get it to the stage where i dont have to run it any more.

Im still giving it some thoguht.. it would cost me so much money to get it off the ground…

Worth it tho 🙂

Wiggy, no i havent but i will do RIGHT now

I’m so glad to see you happy mate, you have been like a new person. Its cool. Everything will go to plan mate just long as we stick at it. Anythings possible with enough determination, and by the looks of it you’ve got enough of it. Just gotta stay focused and all will come in time. The house rules, the settees comfy to sleep on, i just dont like all the daddy long legs. Keep up the hard work, keep ya mind on the game. Rock on brother 🙂 🙂

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