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Weekend of the move..

Me and wardo are now officially moved into our new house. Its absolutley brilliant! Its so clean, the kitchen is so nice and every room is painted and has a lovely carpet in it. We have an awesome bathroom with a awesome shower.. Its just totally awesome! Ill start form friday tho, as ive not realy updated since then!..

Friday Evening

I went home and devoured a pot noodle, whilst packing some more bits and bobs for the big house move. Then i scooted down to the black bull where i walked in and just sniggered at the fact everyone was tarted up, and i was still in my adidas work gear.. Haha.. I love getttin dressed up ;¬) honest! But to be fair i had packed nearly all my clothes, and i couldnt be arsed to dig them out just to go to the dogs!

Anyway, we arrived – just in the nick of time too, as the races were just about to start. We had a “6 Pack” ticket, that meant we had 1 x free admission, 2 free bets, 2 free bottles of carling or reef and pie and peas. And for some reason none of the women who went with us drank carling or reef, so i ended up with about 10 free bottles of it. We put some bets on, and (mostly) lost money.. But it was a good athmosphere and was deffo worth the £10 i ended up spending! I didnt buy a drink all night, and only spent the £10 on bets.. Or was it £8.. One or the other anywho..

As the night drew to a close, most of the MMX3 staff were quite merry, including carol who really could drink anyone under the table. She is so funny when shes drunk. As we were waiting for our bus to arrive (there had been a shooting in notts, so he got held up) carol wandered over to a limo that was parked up nearby.

Carol – “Ooo, who is this for then?”

Driver – “its for an 18th birthday party thats indside”

Carol – “Oh, ive never been in a limo before”

Driver – “ok, well jump in for a minute ill open the door”

Carol – “Ok.. COME ON GIRLS!!!!!!”

The whole of the MMX3 female population then darted across to the limo, and piled in the back. The poor driver didnt know what had hit him! I managed to get a photo before they were officially evicted.

MMX3 Ladies in Limo

We piled onto the bus to go home, and did one. It was a great night tho, and is gonna be one of the things i miss about this place when i leave in the middle of next month. Oh well.. the grass is always greener on the other side.. speaking of which..

It actually IS greener on the other side – at out new house.. Haha..

Saturday.. and Sunday… :¬/ 

Moving swiftly on – I got up on saturday and started loading things into my car, and taking things to bits such as my bed etc. If im honest saurday and sunday daytime is all a bit of a blur, as it was very samey – what with moving back and forth to my old house and packing and unpacking etc. But we had pretty much got everything mvoed by the sat night or sunday afternoon. I was quite suprised how quickly we got all our stuff moved. I thought it would take days and days.. But it didnt! A big thanks to ste and stacey for giving me a hand moving stuff to the new crib. Your both legends! :¬)

First Food Cooked and Eaten in the new house!

First beer in the party house!
First Beer Opened in the new house!

Later on sunday night, we had planned to go to bakewell to see wardos mates and so i could check out the local scene. And wardo wasnt wrong when he said its a bit of a one horse town. Dont get me wrong, his mates are brilliant, especially dave who is a total legend. Dave was gonna miss him so much in fact, he had to jump on wardo and hump him before we left. The rest of the place is a bit dreary. Apparently the same people, go to the same pubs, every night, rain or shine.. And apart from working and sleeping – thats the liife of a bakeweildian!

Wardo Gettin Humped

After some bakewell beer, and witnessing many people sing there hearts out at kareoke (its like pop idol central round there! One girl was REALLY REALLY good.) we headed to the nearest kebab shop to see what food we could buy. They were JUST shutting, but we managed to get them to make us two pizzas.. One chicken (for me) and one doner meat one (for wardizzle). While we were waiting in our drunken states, people kept coming in and asking if they could buy food, well.. they couldnt.. As we had just bought the last bit. That didnt stop us trying to sell everyone who came in some “display” cress.. One guy actually walked off with some.. And probably ate it. So if anyone in bakewell died, thats why.. haha

kebab shop guys
Kebab Shop Kru!


Monday was a “tie up loose ends” day. I had to go buy some random crap that NO ONE ever thinks to buy, such as a cutlery draw tidy thing, and a shower curtain! So after my dad had come and finished off mowing our lawns (bless you father, your the best) he came into town with me.. We walked past subway, so he bought me food.. We went in wilko’s, and he paid for all the bits from there.. Then we went into currys and he bought us a new hoover so we didnt have to borrow his.

Like the best dyson, ever!

Its sad isnt it, when you get excited over a vaccum cleaner. Haha.. But everything is falling into place now. We only really need a settee, then we are good to go. I love my room, its so big, and new, and all my shit is sorted out. I dont have to cram things in corners, i have shelves and cupboards and a proper clothes rack. Its still all a bit too good to be true. I finished the night off with spare sunday dinner that my dad had plated up for me, and i watched layer cake. Then i went up to bed. Its been a busy weekend, but now im absalutly loving life! Im just waiting for the enevatable bad thing to happen.. Too much good karma = something BAD will happen. Im expecting it tho, so it prob wont come as much of a shock.

I transferred all the bills into my name too, and we have fully paid up our first moths rent in advance. Its all gravey baby!

Woh, now thats a long blog entry! Hmm, have i missed anything? Oh yeah.. Check this out for a spider!

It wasnt the biggest spider ive ever seen, but the back part of it was stupidly huge! Like a hermit crab or something! We have millions of daddy long legs’s in our garden too, oh and a hedgehog 🙂 Its a really nice, quiet area and i can see it meaning a totaly change in lifestyle. I may even start going for a run in this field that is next to our house. I need a motorbike too.. hehe 🙂

Ahhh.. lifes great at the mo.. Just one thing missing now..

10 replies on “Weekend of the move..”

Loving the house mate you have both done very well. Shame you dint have a three bedder and i was in a better situation at that time.

That spider picture I got was crap, you used the Nokia for that like?

I’ll be back soon too 🙂

All is falling into place (i think)


Argos is your friend for Sofas.

Buy a Three Seater for summat like £200 and get a two seater free!

and I got just as excited about our hoover, and I can see why, cos its the same as mine 🙂



Glad its sorted dude and i do have to say you seem an entirely different person since u stopped smoking, even tho you did look homeless at the dogs lol

Im coming round soon like it or lump it, ill bring the choccie digestives

haha, i love lookin homeless..

DAVE, yes, i stood back and zoomed in, and eventually it focused on teh spider.. after abotu 10 attempts!

ALEX – a woman at work has sorted me one, i think! 🙂

Thanks for the comments guys!

I love my friends! 🙂

House is looking well mate.

As they say a change is as good as a rest. I think the new house should make for a better you as It’s nice to be in, not like the dive you came from. No wonder you was down living there!!!

I hope it all goes well and can’t wait for the house warming!

Ayup ma love,

Congrats on the new house and the new start! You really deserve it dude.

If you’s get stuck on a Sunday, dinners always on at mine….and you’re only up the road!

See you soon and cheers for the comments earlier on the blog! x

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