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I cant stop buzzing around today. I think the lack of weed is actually making a difference now. Its only taken 5 days! I always tried before, to quit smoking it, but there was always something standing in my way. Wether that be depression, or celebration or just a mate ringing me up asking if i wanted a smoke. Scotts quit, daz has too (apparently) and ko is a bitch and never rings anyone anyway.. So twinned with the fact no ones smoking it, and the fact im so fucking happy, ive been able to not smoke any!

I havent stopped smoking totally.. I still have the odd roll up. But tbh they just get in the way so eventually id like to stop smoking them too. All in good time tho, rome wasnt built in a day :¬)

Speaking of building, we have got a few more bits and bobs in place for M.O.S. We have enrolled a girl called noc to do some commission based selling for the DIR, so hopefully she can start that next week and start getting the word about. We are also gonna send out a massive email blast to over 10,000 email modified car enthusiasts telling them about the DIR, and i am gonna go round the cruise sites setting up an affiliate scheme that means they get paid for sending traffic to our DIR.

So all in all, everyones a winner.

Im giving it 5 mins, then im gonna head home a bit earlier that i usually do. Were meeting in the black bull later, then onto the dogs to waste a bit of money. I dont have much spare cash as i need to buy stuff for the house, and im going out with that wonderful girl on sunday – but im stil gonna try and have a good night tongiht.

I mgiht not get much chance to update my blog till tuesday now, it depends on what happens over the weekend. So, untill then, peace out.

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🙂 🙂

All’s good man..

Nic starts Monday 🙂
Hollie was starting today
Fee’s starting when she feels better I think, the girls need to chill to the core.

Enjoy the dogs daawg 🙂

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