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The time is now..

Well, tonight i have made a start on what is to be the base for Online Solutions. Dave and myself have been providing certain companies with websites, flyers and other marketing and advertising solutions for a while now, and we have finally got round to giving it a proper name. We were gonna use work, but i think that it merely gonna be the name for the hosting now.

Its all pretty scary to think things are actually starting to happen now, and in a few months it will not only be our main source of income, but it will become our lives. And im am SO ready for it. Weve been fucking about for so long now, i was starting to think we’d never get round to doing this shit properly!

Ive been up and unloaded the first car full of stuff in mine and wardos new house tonight. I have taken my trainers :ร‚ยฌ), my clothes, cleaning stuff, the main TV and a few other bits and bobs. I still think im gonna wake up soon and realise that this is all a dream and im still in the same boat i was in before. This is all too surreal!

Im falling asleep right now, so thats me done for the day. Im going to the dogs after work tomorrow with work, as a kind of random end-of-summer do. It should be a laugh, although i have just realised ive packed and moved all the clothes ill need. haha..dumbass..

Peace out.

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