A different person..

I feel like a different person. I have not bought or smoked any weed since scott dropped me off. Actually, i did have the TINYEST joint monday night, but it was made up from left over bits of weed i had in this little pot i have. By now, id of spent 30 or 40 quid on weed. I feel like since trax (last weekend) my life has changed completley.

I want to start a fresh. I want a clean slate.. And with moving house, and this situation im in with that girl, i just feel like a new man. Im happy.. so happy in fact that its almost too good to be true. And something is SO gonna go wrong soon.. I can feel it!

I thought karma had come round and bit me on the ass tongiht. After what has to of been one of the best wednesday meets ever, i went off with that girl to talk about a few things… and when i got back i couldnt find what i thought was £25, it actually turned out to be £30. I was gutted, for an hour i retraced my steps for the whole night, i even went back to all the places i had stopped and opened my doors. I wasnt really that bothered, as id of waxed that on weed by now anyway. It was just a downer on what had been a awesome night.

I got home, after giving up looking for the cash, and went to my garage to put the marquee in, and i did one last check of my car.. And what did i find wedged inbetween the pages of my notebook? Yes, £30! Awesome!

So right now, im the happiest i have been in a very long time. I can see that what was once gonna be a stoned broke ass future, is actually probably not gonna be all that bad afterall!

I cant wait for this weekend to come, so that i can move my stuff to the house where me and wardo will be chillin out in for the next few years..

3 more sleeps!

5 thoughts on “A different person..

  • Congrats on (mostly) giving up the smoking. It’ll help you a lot to save that money 🙂 Or at least spend it on different things.

    Plus you’ll be alert enough to do more work 😉

  • Thats just it mate.. Already my head is clearer

    And my attitude towards stuff is different..

    I just needed a kick up the arse 🙂

    And, it seems, i needed to be happy 🙂

  • Dude, respect.

    Keep up the pact mate and all will be cool.

    LOVE – Tread carefully, one bad thing could knock you back down and ya dont want it.

    I’m so happy for you, its giving me a kick too.

    Everything is going to plan

    🙂 🙂

  • Im not falling in love mate..

    At least, i dont think i am.. :/

    Its all gravey.. Like i said i dont care what happens with that situation..

    Even if it ends up being mearly something that helps me keep my mind off weed for a few weeks.. it will be worth it!

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