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Curbing my addiction

Ok, today is both a very good day – and a very sad day. I took delivery of some of the best sneakers ive ever bought. They are Adidas Superstar Skateboarding Editions, in White/Black and Red.. I dont think you can really buy them over here in the UK yet, ive only seen two pairs on ebay, one of them didnt look legit and I bought the other ones ๐Ÿ™‚

Adidas Superstar Skate

Now normally when i have trainers delivered im happy, jumping around and cant take the cheesy smile off my fat face. But today brings some horrible truths too. This is probably gonna be the last pair of sneakers i buy, for AGES! Now me and wardo are moved in the new crib, money is tight, and i just cant justify spending that kind of money on a regular basis.Im hoping that the fact im not setting fire to half my wages every week means i will be able to buy the odd pair now and then, but its not gonna be for a while yet. :ร‚ยฌ(

Im gonna rock these tongiht, once i can decide on how to lace them. I spend a lot of time on Ian’s Shoelace Site – which is the largest and most comprehensive shoe lacing site on the internet. I copyed the Checkerboard Lacing pattern, for the first time.. And i have slated it in the past but the contrast between the black and the white looks awesome in my opinion.

I doubt ill have them like that by tonight tho.. I have some un-used PHAT black laces at home that are dying to be rocked!!

Went out with wiggo and wardo last ngiht, wiggys hurting really bad at the moment due to some personal shit thats been going off. I really feel sorry for him, because hes one of the nicest guys i know and doenst deserve to be put thru this shit. Its a shame the situation he was in was dragged out for as long as it was, as the longer it go’s on the harder it is to end.

Anyway, life go’s on – and soon enough im sure he’ll be back to his usual self. If your readig this wiggy, KEEP YOUR CHIN UP MATE! No female is worth gettin that upset over.

A wise man once said – “Bitches aint shit but ho’s and tricks” <- how true (and gangsta) is that?

I know i know.. Not all women are stereotypical money grabbin bitches, but if Kanye West thinks to write a song about it then its gotta be true for a lot of them! I always desocialise myself from anyone who is stuck up, full of themselves, fake or “plastic” i cant fucking stand people who wear make-up to the extent they look fake. I think people should be proud of how they look, and if they are not then they should find other ways of improving what they see as being wrong. I am not 100% happy with the way i look, i feel im overweight and unfit. But im not about to go out and do anything stupid like starve myself, or join a gym just so i can look nice for other people.

I am concious of my health more than anything. I think as long as you eat healthy, and try not to poisen your body too much – you’ll be sound for life. I dont think working out, and keeping fit is nesseccerily the way to healthy existance. Yes its gonna help, but the body is not a machine. It should not be continually pushed and pushed and pushed. At the end of the day, my mom stopped smoking, started getting fit, stopped drinking (she had the odd voddy every now and then) and started dieting and eating 100% healthy food.

Then she had a heart attack.

Work that one out!

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Cheers ol! I am trying mate!

Which is why as soon as i sort that settee for you…..

i’ll be a permanent fixture in the partay house HAHAHA

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