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Is it wrong to steal a girlfriend?

Well since trax ive had this girl in my head, although i should be distancing myself from her really. She has a boyfriend you see, of about 3 or 4 months and – well.. lets just say things went a bit further than they should of done whilst we were together this weekend. I have been liasing with her since trax, text messages flying back and forth.. And last night she kinda got busted. Her boyfriend found a message i had sent her, deleted it then confronted her with it last night. Its wierd, its as if shes with him for the sake of it. She laughed at the fact he was crying a lot of last night, and says she doesnt love him.

What should I do?

I would fucking break down and die if it happened to me. But, its not like they are married or anything. Ive never cheated on anyone, and she says shes never done anything like this before either. But i just cant get her cheeky smile or fucking sexy body out of my mind. I just hope that the content of her text messages comes from her heart, and not from her head. She wants to do some modelling you see, and some shallow women – i suppose – could use a situation like this to get their foot in the door. Or theres the paranoid view of “She only likes me cos im” which is something i consider everytime im in this situation.. I would hate for someone to be with me jsut becasue of my position on some website… Im so unconfident in my appearance and what women are gonna think of me.. I see myself as a big fat hairy ugly bastard.. And for someone like her – who could probably go out and get any guy she wanted – to like ME.. I just dont get it..
I have held back form textin her, as i dont want to land her in shit again, but she text me earlier.. its not like shes forgotten about me yet which is a good thing. I want to tell her to leave her boyfriend.. I want her bad!

Oh fuck im so confused right now…

im on the edge of my seat too.. Waiting for a text off wardo.. If he says his insurance isnt gonna be too bad! ITS PARTY TIME!! Me and my mum are going up to the house again tonight.. I think ill probably end up moving in, even if wardo does back out.. I cant see him doing that tho! Rock on bro!

I have told daz too, i said id been to look at a house and that i could be out within a month. I hope his financial situation is ok cos its probably gonna be sooner than that me old fruit pastel! Ill probably visit him a few weeks after i move out and i doubt the house or he will of changed much. I swear that house is cursed! The Stuck in Limbo house!!

So in conclustion.. Im happy, but confused.. excited and nervous.. and i still feel totally blown away by that girl!

EDITAnd, i havent spent any money on weed so far this week (its only been one day you big dummy!) so far so good! Maybe these two massive changes in my life could lead on to me becoming more active, and get fitter etc… Which is something ive wanted to do for ages.. Oh fuck.. i just remembered.. That girl said she could breakdance..

How much is one of them vegas weddings? ๐Ÿ˜†

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Sounds like she’s pretty awesome but if she cheated on her boyfriend with you, if she left him for you youd always be paranoid of her cheating.

And if you get paranoid the only reason you get laid is cause you’re… is that such a bad thing?? I wouldnt mind!!

Theres gettin laid – i dont care how that happens rofl, but then if i want a serious relationship i always have the thought that they only want to be with me cos of my position.. and that isnt good..

Its like them really fit wommen that go out with rich old ugly celebs.. They only do it for half of ther shit when they divorse.. ๐Ÿ˜†

And i know what you mean mate, i guess id have to get to know her a bit better before i ventured any furhter.. If i ever get the chance to vernture any further!

Time is the answer.

Oh man, don’t fricking do it.

It’ll cause nothing but 3 months of constant shit. trust me on that. totally not worth it.

If she doesn’t want to be with him then she should leave him. Obviously she doesn’t mind him that much or she wouldn’t still be with him waiting for the next guy to come along. People say things they don’t mean when they’re trying to convince someone of something, or hide something from someone.

If she breaks up with him, and he’s not going to be bugging her, and she’s over him *then* go for it…

It’s not worth the hassle of getting involved :

Dude, good and bad things here man..

Like Swinstead said, she has cheated on him and could do the same to you once she has got what she wants.

Tread very carefully mate, pls dont fall in love straight away, yes the weekend may have been good but you gotta think what you are risking and if she means THAT much to you.

The LAST thing you need right now is added stress and pressure mate. We both know this.

This is so weird cos I have fallen into the exact same position bu without the sex

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