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Stage 1.. Visit the property..

Well, me and wardo went to look at that house today. And its great. Its not 3 floors like i was told, but its brand new, has 2 decent sized bedrooms, a bathroom, a downstairs toilet, a living room, and a fully fitted kitchen. There is even a dishwasher!

Wardo has said hes got to check his car insurance doesnt go up too much, if it doesnt, then its all systems go! Were both in the same position in the sence we both want to get out of where we are, and life is about taking risks – and were both up for the risks involved in renting a property.

I hope his insurance doesnt go up too much. I want to move now!!

Ive had a phone call from that girl again. Shes in a situation herself that isnt straight forward, and she rang me to tell me that it didnt look good – not for me like, for her current situation. Its actually a good thing for me – allbeit a bit of a strnage thing to be getting myself into. Id explain more, but for the moment ill leave it at that.

Its mad, for weeks ive been really low, really depressed, and just miserable. Then like a flash of light 2 major things happen that seem to be transforming my very life right in front of my eyes. Call it karma coming back round, or call it good luck.. Who cares.. I jsut know it fucking rules 🙂 And i can see that my not to distant future is going to be a lot brighter than i thought it would be.

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