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I just CANT think..

Ok, i need help here.. What can i call my blog? I have toyed with many ideas over the last week or so, but i cant find a “Tagline” that i like.. Its to replace what currently says “Insert A Decent Title” at the very top of your screen. I want something clever, yet funny, that describes a page of random ramblings from a paranoid stressed out victim of life πŸ™‚ Any ideas?

In other news.. Wardo’s insurance has gone up by…


Which means we are good to go! I have pre-booked next monday (11th septermber! Ooerr!) as that is our official moving in date, and we are gonna compare lists of shit we need on wednesday. Cos we have got a house to fill! πŸ™‚

Bah, screw you guys.. Im going home..

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WARDO your comment got labeled spam. and i am still gettin used to this spam karma controls..

Yes im excited too man!

Dont worry about things tho, it will be sound!

Thanks stace, your a star! πŸ™‚

Nice one Olly, glad to hear things are working out

Lets hope your new beginning is good for you, and all goes well.

I still got ya back, and i’m sure will be seeing alot more of each other.

Rock on brother πŸ™‚

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