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Long weekend Part 1

Ok, so looking at my pictures makes me remember what we were doing most of the weekend. Friday was a drissly afternoon.. Was out int eh car with scott, and IIRC we were all trying to find weed. Most of the afternoon was spent tryignt o track some greenage down. I dont even think we managed to in the end, its dry as a bone!

Saturday was the day of my MOT, so i had to get up fairly early. After i had finished that i went back home and started looking for somewhere else to live on the internet. I then of course got sidetracked and ended up posting crap on one of the many sites in affiliated with – like always πŸ™‚ Then me and dave went to Asda, and we moosed about for a few hours visiting local parks, just bummin about (oh, we’d found weed by that stage πŸ™‚ )

It was then time for me to work, i was in notts at some new housing estate just near john fox audi. If im honest it was the scaryest shift ive ever done. I dont like notts, i dont trust it. Especially when im cooped up in some site containing lots of stuff that was worth nicking. All i heard all ngiht was sirens. Police, Fire and ambulance. And when i say all night, i mean ALL NIGHT. One after the other, constantly!

Sunday was a cool day, i got home in the morning from doing my shift, and went to bed till 12pm. Scott woke me up ringing me saying he was outside. I fell back to sleep, scott woke me up again – but this time i got up and let him in. I got ready, and was finding it very hard to wake up. In true stoner style tho, i waked and baked – and by the time we got to the M1 i was wide awake and raring to go. It was the source show you see. They have one every year and it always rules.

We spent a few hours there, and the headed off back to wards the direction of mansfield, then we decided to go to skeg – so headed off in that direction, but just before we got to the toll bridge we changed ourt minds and drove back towards mansfield. We then went to my hosue so i could get ready, and headed off to LSOM.

Was a good turnout, and the only downside was that it rained! Where the hell has summer gone? πŸ™

Then monday. Monday monday monday. bank holidays for me are either made up of work, or NOTHING. I ended up tidying my room, and cleaning trainers. πŸ™‚ I relaced some of my superstars, as i wasnt sure if i liked the arrangement i had goin off. Timmyroob came round and talked about his travelling – it made me green with envy! The thigns he was talking about, and the places/people he had seen and met just sounded amazing. I want to go ASAP, maybe i should try and save enough money to pay my debts off early, and just bum my way around this huge planet of ours? Hitchiking and sneaking on to trains πŸ™‚

Off now to do some “work” – nearly time to go home, then i really must sleep for a hour to take the edge off!

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QUALITY mate, i knew that photo would get published somewhere, sayin that i’m honoured to be on the front page

Was nice to get out the house, away from a PC and anything else and just do the friends stuff again, its been too much work related shit lately and the mates things had kinda gone out the window in regards to us chilling and NOT thinkin about Maxxd. Was nice to talk about non business stuff wasnt it.

Loving the pics mate, good choice there, the boyes are back together again πŸ™‚

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