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Long weekend.. Part 2

I hate it when i have 3 or so days off, as by the time i sit down to write about what ive done i have forgotten a lot of it. Im listening to a slow track by mary j and ghostface killah and its making me think that this weekend – although i cant remember it all – may be one of the last weekends where i can kick back without a care in the world.

Ive obviously got TRAX next weekend, but after that im probably gonna be moving into a new home and goin deeper into the whole life thing. Ive worked out that based on the amount of money i get paid from MMX3 alone (which isnt really a shit load) i can afford to pay my debts, and afford a flat/house at £295 a month (+ bills). It leaves me a measly amount a week to live off, but hopefully with the stuff me and dave are doing and the security i can earn a bit more than that, and can afford to still have a few luxuries in my life, like food.

Its gonna be very tough to start with. In fact if ive got to do it by myself, its gonna be VERY tough ALL the time. Im looking forward to it in some ways and not lookin forward to other aspects of it.. im gettin a bit fed up anyway with staring at things that constantly remind me of past relationships and happy times. I think i need a change, a new chapter in my life.

Im just not lookin forward to being a pez for a bit. I hate the thought if not having any money to buy things to cheer me up – like mars drinks – and having to stay in bored cos i have no cash to wax on crap.

Ah well, its not for a few weeks yet. Trax next weekend which should be interesting! There has been talk about people playing pranks on other people within and outside the club. I just hope things dont turn sour, and the people being pranked see the funny side of it. I dont care what people do to me – unless they fuck with my trainersthen blood will be spilled. Savvy? 😉

Il write more about my weekend tomorrow when i review my photos, as im really tired and really cannot remember anything about the weekend at this moment in time.


3 replies on “Long weekend.. Part 2”

If you need a hand moving your stuff, let me know. I have my van we can use.

It’s tough moving out for the first time on your own, it does get easier (a little bit anyway).


It maybe a stressful time mate, look when i moved to Huthwaite, i could hardly come out and it was shit. Things got better though you just gotta bare with em.

Good luck, I’m here if ya need any help

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