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MySpace Errors!

Sorry! an unexpected error has occurred.

This error has been forwarded to MySpace’s technical group.

Ive googled the errors, and a few blogs come up talking about the fact myspace has grown too big for its own good. Ive not been able to log in at ALL today, and my profile has only JUST started working again! I have Noticed a lot of the Php tags are not working right too..

Like you’d see NAVhome instead of Home, if you catch my drift? There does seem to be a lot missing.. But i guess with things like myspace and web forums, if its unavailable for a few days people soon move on and use other things. So they are probably trying to fix things while its live, which is going to cause errors like the ones i have witnessed.

The only reason i like myspace, is becasuse i have found LOADS of old school mates, and LOADS of cool artists/actors etc.. It may be a bit chavvy, but when you get messages from school mates you’ve not seen in YEARS it kinda makes you stick around. Ive also got an american friend who worked with my mom for a bit, and a couple of people from mansfield who i dont know, but seem sound as a pound!

I can’t find any official reports that myspace is being repaired, or any official press releases saying they are having problems. I can only find old articles from when the heat casued the data center to go offline earlier on in the year. If any one knows any different, then please comment 🙂

Ive spoken to my friend today, as i dont think i can afford to live in a house by myself. He seems pretty up for moving in with me, i know we’d have a mad time! Just need to discuss it over the weekend, as i want to get out of there ASAP.

It makes me wonder wether leaving MMX3 is a good idea too.. I WANT to, but i NEED money, especially if im supporting my own house. Ill give it some thought tongiht and see what me and dave can come up with.
Life sucks 🙁

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Always good to find out what others are doing after all these years.

As for leaving MMX its a good idea, if we both put all our time and effort into one thing then it will provide a wage, but it needs both of us at the same time if ya get me

It has for a long time.

Things will be sound..

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