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Well. T’was only yesterday i was moaning about where i live, saying it annoyed me having to put up with someone as house trained as a 4 year old. Looks like i wont have to put up with it for much longer. I got in and gave him £10 that someone owed him, then appologised for smoking on his precious leather sette’s – TO which he replied “Id like you to move out”. He claims he cant handle having someone else living there any more, and that its to blame for a lot of the stress in his life. Hmm.. Me thinks hes using it as an oppertunity to get rid of me as i dont really do much shit wrong. Fuck it tho, im not fighting my case – i know when im not welcome.

I thought about moving in with mason, it would be pretty much the same boat im in now in the sence id have freedom and my own little space – BUT id still be living under someone’s rules. So ive decided to push the boat out and look for a flat of my own. I have seen one that  would be able to afford and viewing for it starts 1st september. So i could maybe go see it on the 4th if its still available. IM gonna ring up today.

It came as quite a shock when he blurted it out last night, he says he doesnt want us to fall out – and im not gonna fall out with him. I guess there comes a time when a guy wants to roam about in the buff and be able to do anything and everything and not have to worry about what someone else is gonna do/where someone else is gonna be etc. I know there are times where i just want to be alone, most of the time in fact. But if im being honest this has come a bit too soon for my liking..

I told my mum and she instantly said i could go back to live with her. I should jump at the chance, it would mean i could save a lot of money – but i have a double bed, a desk and LOTS AND LOTS of stuff. I cant get rid of it now its cost me too much money. And i know that if i go back there will be the same problems we had before, i would feel 16 again – curfew’s n shit..

Im gonna do some maths, and work out what living in a flat would cost me. And work out how many 12 hour shifts id need to do in a week to successfully cover my bills.. The flat ive seen is 3 bedroomed.. Maybe i could get a lodger? 🙂

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Gutted for you mate, but it might be the kick up the arse you need to move out of there – especially if he drives you up your own arse with his untidiness and his fuckwit rules… smoking on the leather??? how odd.

He’s one of the bifida’s!

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