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Av it!

Thats what i think to my fixed penalty notice! fuckers! (i will pay it like…)

I forgot to mention that fee and holie paid for everything last night, so thanks for that you two! Its good to know i have friends who will do things like that. Me and hol havent exactly had the most flowery past, but recently ive started to get on with her very well. Shes become a good addition to my female friends group. Fee is, well.. Ive never quite met anyone who’s vocabulary is quite as full on! She makes me laugh a lot, and seems to know a lot about law and other useful stuff. They said they would come and rescue me next time im stranded on a securty shift. That is good to know tbf, cos i often need rescuing.

Err, yeah.. i just wanted to post a pic of me skinnin up on my fixed penalty notice.. Ha!

3 replies on “Av it!”

Alright fuck-face! Skinning up on an FPN? Hmmmmm

Hope nobody can read the reference or details or you’ll be getting visits from the filth…………and then I’ll be rescuing you from a cell, stupid-ass!

Oh and BTW, you’re both very welcome for last night! Was a laugh. I think it’s fair to say that both you and Dave have had it a bit shit lately with one thing and another so me n Hol are quite happy to help out as and when we can dude!

Ahaha.. how funny would it be tho, if i was arrested and sent to jail for a month becasue they found a picture of me skinnin up on a FPN on my blog hahaha

Yes me and dave have had a lot of shit, but a lot of people have a lot of shit..

They dont al have good mates that bail them out like we do tho 🙂

Thanks! 🙂

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