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Dinner, and rain..

Had a pretty shite day at work yesterday – i have quite a lot of annoying work i have to acheive and it makes me want to walk out its so repetative and boring. I got a text later in the day from dave, saying that Hollie and Fee wanted to meet up with us to discuss some sales work they are going to be doing for us. We met up in the King and Miller, and we started to chat and stuff. They are both sound girls, and both have their heads screwed on. They are gonna be following up DIR leads for us, trying to recuit people onto our ever growing directory. We had some food, discussed it more and then headed out to Early doors to the rain, and the maxxd meeting.

There has been a lot of new faces on maxxd recently, its awesome. I just hope they dont get made to feel unwelcomed by anyone. I had to sell some stickers nad ocllect money from people for clothing etc. Ill probably be ordering the tee’s n shit today – so if anyone reading this wants anything you best hurry up and get in touch!

Had a text off dave this morning. The chap who owns the house i rent a room in has had a scranny at him this morning. We are not allowed to smoke in the front room – on the leather sette’s, and i think hes found a ash tray near one.. Its a bullshit rule he made up about a month ago, due to him being lazy and not being arsed to clean and condition his leather. It winds me up, cos i know when i get home ill have him moaning at me, and to be fair he’s the most difficult person ever to live with. He leaves his clothes EVERYWHERE, leaves packaging from food EVERYWHERE (with food in still sometimes.. yes.. manky!), has HALF done EVERYTHING in the house.. the only completed room in the whole house is my room, and thats cos i did it myself! Id really like to leave, but i cant afford to live anywhere else. And i dont want to buy/rent a house and fill if full of crap only to have to get rid of it all in a few years. But i REALLLLY cant see myself putting up with his bullshit for too much longer.
Time will tell i guess…

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