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Fines, in perspective..

Ok, so i got fined £30 yesterday. And for ages i was totally gutted. I felt so miserable that i had to hand over £30 of my hard earned money to a bunch of wankers for something i shouldnt have to pay for. Then last night whilst i was handing over £10 to my mate in exchange for something that someone had grown in their airing cupboard, it suddenly dawned on me. I waste a LOT of my money. And although i shouldnt, and dont really want to – I keep on wasting it! Now i wanted to calm down on the weed buying, as its bankrupting me. But i was v depressed yesterday so i needed to get wrecked – and boy o boy did i get wrecked 🙂

Me scott and the big dog have decided that after Trax, were all gonna collectivly try and quit smoking weed. Its really hard to do it by yourself, cos everywhere you go someone is blazing it up – but if we ALL quit then we can all support each other etc. And hopefully we can make to so that weed smoking is reserved for Xmas time and Hamster Jam trips 🙂

Ive kinda cheered up since i realised that another £30 of my cash down the toilet isnt really that much of a big deal. If i can spend £30 less this week weed, then the fine would not of technically not consumed any more of my cash. And if i can get into the habit of spending a lot less on it in general – which to be fair i have done this last week thanks to being broke as fuck – i should generally be better off.

While im on the subject of money, every time i get paid from security i seem to have something crop up. This week im gonna be paying off the debt i have to me mate dave, and i got a cheque for credit card going out – so by the end of this week ill basically be broke as fuck again. What annoys me about this is that the security money is supposed to be going in my ISA, to go towards my traveling fund. But every time i comes thru, i have a bill, debt, car repairs etc etc..

One day ill be on top of my finances.. And although ive been saying that since i was 18 – it does feel like its getting closer.

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Alrite man, what you say about the weed is true, stopping is a good idea. A very good idea, imagine not buyin that and having money to throw at the caddy every week or whenever you want to.

I wish I could stay down longer but things aint going to plan and i’m spending too much on food etc.

If you find a replacement for weed (such as work on the PC, trips out, random drives, anything man) – You’ll find it easier dude. Or you could jut go live in the middle of nowhere and cut yourself off from the world and start drinkin Ice Tea (lol) – should NOT have used that annoying over abused arrangement of letters 🙂

Thats a true story!

And about the only true thing to come out the fat bastards mouth! And about the only track i like with him in it!

He just sounds so fat!

(Im a 2Pac fan – him and biggy were not down)

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