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Shit start to the day..

I got up, after no where near enough sleep, pulled my shit together, and darted out the house. Drove to work and passed two police cars on the way. I pulled up at work, parked my car and one of them pulled up at the side of me. At the time he saw me i think i was part way through putting my seatbelt on, so he stated that he’d seen me without one on, there was some campaign to make people wear them bla bla. £30 fine. He also did me for having a breaklight out, and was gonna do me for the fact my number plate is illegally spaced (WTF is it fuck you complete prick) and he reconed i had no insurance and MOT. Which is complete bollocks. I always insure my car and have done since i passed my test – my MOT might of expired but thats something im working on sorting out.

Im generally fucking pissed off now. Its my own fault, i cant blame anyone but myself. Im tired. Broke as a joke. And now i have to pay the fucking police £30. I just want to cry.

And i still have to do a days bullshit work for some bullshit money thats gonna get absorbed in bullshit debts. Bulshit Bullshit Bullshit.

While im on the subject of bullshit, why the fuck does everyone on make my life as difficult as fucking possible? They all go on about their opinion, and their right to it. Yes, thats correect, but having an opinion doesnt mean yo should shout it off at any given fucking second, disrupting what started off life as awesome – useful – threads. I swear 80% of them either dont use their brains before posting, or dont actually have a brain. I have a very strong opinion on MANY things. But i kerb the things i say so as to not offend anyone. Why then, for fucks sake, cant any fucker else?

On my superstar site, i get praise, and thanks for providing a FREE ADVERT-LESS website for them to go on. On maxxd i get people moaning, people falling out, headaches and not on ounce of thanks off ANYONE, EVER. Even my staff members make my life miserable.

In a lot of ways, i cant wait to go travelling and leave everything and everyone behind. Ive done so much for so many people and i never get thanked. So im obviously helping out the wrong people.

I dont want thanks, or sympathy. I just want people to be nicer and to chill the fuck out.

Anyway, bullshit work calls.