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Weekend? What Weekend?

Well, like my last post stated i was to be working all weekend at a security site in alfreton. And sure enough, no major plane crashes happend in that area, no bombs, no biohazard warnings.. So i had to still go to work. The friday shift was a killer.. I was already nackered from working 9-5 at mmx3, and i had to stay alert and awake till 7am saturday morning. I managed it thanks to lots of coffee and walks out in the cold. I got home saturday morning, and went to bed for a few hours. When i woke up it was time for scott to come and fix my car πŸ™‚

It didnt really take scott that long to get my car up and running, he still has to fit my two new track rod ends, but thats not cruicial right now. The main thing was to get me mobile again so that i can get to where i need to be and i dont feel stranded anymore. Shortly after scott finished my car went all went our seperate ways as i had to work and dave and scott had to do other shit.

I arrived for the first of my 12 hour long shifts (the last was 12am to 7am) and unpacked my things for the night. Nothing really amazing happened that night apart from the fact there were 4 million (and i am not over exaggerating) 4 MILLION snails near me.. Everywhere i walked there were snails! They were climbing up my portacabin, on my car, on rocks, on the floor.. EVERYWHERE! I picked a lot of them up and put them in safe places as i accidently stood on one and it made me feel sick when i heard his shell crunch. I moved him anyway but i dont know if he made it thru the night or got eaten by a bird the day after.

About the only cool thing that happend that night was me being rescued by scott. He bought his laptop, and a few films up to releave me of the 10 i have on my pc that ive watched 4 million times! We watched the wedding crashers, and let me just say this one thign about that film..

Its absalutley brilliant!

The concept of going round crashing weddings is SUCH a fantastic idea! The 2 main charectors work well with each other, and there are SO many fit women in it its untrue. Excellent film, buy it download it or rent it NOW! The rest of the night/morning was spent re-watching films and rescuing snails. I must of saved 3.5 million of them from being stood on by me when i go round doing patrols.

I finished work, drove myself home and crashed out till about 5pm the sunday afternoon. I was starting to get very tired,. and very confused at this stage. I wasnt sure what day it was or what i was doing. Its hard switching from nights then to days then to nights etc etc. I got up and started sorting my shit out for work a few hours later.

I tried to go find some shops open so that i could buy some more food thanks to the fact my very greedy, inconsiderate bastard of a housemate thought he’d eat some of my food and drink some of my drinks. It really fucking winds me up. Maybe if he got his head out his rectum and started spending his cash on things other than weed – he’d start buying his own food and investing in the house we live in. If i was in his shoes id tart the house up, sell it, kick me out, and buy a little 1 bedroomed flat that didnt cos the earth to run. I know that would mean i’d be out of a home, but that would be my problem and as long as daz stated his reasons for doing it i’d see his point (after calling him a few names) and get out his way. He moans about the heating bills, yet leave gaps above windows letting hot air escape out like water thru a sieve. He needs to give his head a shake me thinks!

Anyway, i couldnt find any food cos all the shops were shut, so i had to make do with what i had. Got to work and apart from scott coming to rescue me again (cept this time with forrest, forrest gump) It was another 12 hours of complete bordem. I snuck a few sneaky house sleep in, after the mobile driver had told me to – as long as i set my alarm and only had 1 hour at a time. Finished work, went home and had a bath them layed on my bed for 10 mins.. Then dressed, and off to work.. again..

31 hours overtime. Its all money in the bank. Wish i’d of had a weekend tho. And my mood has changed dramaticly over this weekend. I feel happy, releaved and quite at ease with everything at the moment. Things are picking up, im getting money saved away and i havent been overdrawn for ages now. Got a few busy weekends lined up over the next few. Source show this weekend, and then TRAX the weekend after. Im gonna make a maxxd DVD so im gonna collect video footage from the show and compile it all into a groovy vid for peeps to download πŸ™‚

Oh shit, im at work.. forgot.. Err.. i best do some of that stuff then.. You know.. Work! πŸ™‚

Enjoy pics.. [here]

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