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I finished my friday occupation and headed home for the day.About a hour later i went to my dads for dinner, then back home where i met up with scott n them lot – and we chilled for a few hours. It was then time for work again for me.

I had done the site before, its quite near my home. I get to sit in a grubby cold portacabin for hours on end re-watching old movies on my laptop. Obviously i do a patrol every hour ish. I tell you this for nawt, and that is if i ran a security company there would be a few things id change! One being the times guards go on patrols. If you go on a patrol, on the hour every hour, and go the same route every time – a potential intruder could watch you for a few hours and figure out your pattern therfore allowing them to access the site when your round the other side. I like to vary the times i go, and the routes i take, making it harder for burgler bill to work out when im going to be in certain places.

Anyway, i got to go back there tomorrow night, for a 12 hour shift, then again on sunday night. I wont say im lookin forward to them, especially the sunday one. Ill finish at 7am monday morning, home for a bath and a cup of tea – then back towork for 9am. Im gonna be useless monday night.

I best get some sleep, scotts supposed to be coming ot fix my car later. I should have transport again. Woohoo!

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