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Ever feel like you’ve been fucked over?..

But you either cant, or wont ask questions to find out if you have? A situation that i have recently unsubscribed myself to is starting to play on my mind. Certain things are starting to piece together to unveil truths i never ever expected. Hopefully its just my over-active imagination having a bitch fit, but if its not its certianly changed my outlook on certain people.

I just wish the world was a honest place. Maybe not the world, maybe its just england? I recall timmyroob saying that the people in european countries (more specifically the females) are very easy to talk to. They are not stuck up, two faced – they are just normal. I believe the problem the UK has, is that its becoming far to americanized Im sure you can all figure out what i mean by that. Is the UK becoming the 51st state?

You only have to look at the clothes young people wear today. Girls as young as 12/13 wanting to wear makeup, push up bras and go into town to attract boys. What the fuck is going on? When i was 12/13 years old i was playing on my bike, skating, going to parks and generally having a awesome childhood. Why is it that kids are so obsessed with sex/fashion?

Its becasue of plastic bitches such as paris hilton, posh spice and jordan. They strut around in fuck all clothing on TV and in magazines.. And these are the people the younger generations are looking up to. They see posh in some hot pants that reveal the bottom of her arse, and they get their mums (who dont seem to give 3 fucks about what their children wear) to go out and buy them some. Then they walk around looking like a fucking rake with a few items of clothing wrapped round it, attracting the attention of hormonal 14 year olds whilst they down their cans of stella before heading into the under 18’s party – and perveted 50 year olds who park their cars up at the side of the roads waiting for their pray to come out at 11pm so they can abduct them.

Its a sorry state of affairs, and is just one example of how this country is falling to pieces. It wont be long before blair is the vice president of the USA, and we have actually become the 51st state.

Were about there already aint we?

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Top rant dude.

We were only on about childhood at lunchtime. saying kids these days dont have one.

Fuck it im going out on my bmx with a can of quite frightening!

Catch ya laters

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