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Test from “Windows Live Writer”

Wow. This is a test from windows live writer. A friend of mine has just come on Gtalk, and before he had finished talking about it, I had installed and configured this groovy little tool. It installed fast, and configured very easily.

I quite like using the web based version of the editor tho. Fuck, I’ve just realised its got a built in spell checker. Now that’s a fantastic idea. I cant change my mood tho, so ill have to go in and edit that using the web interface.

Its definitely a good idea tho, although it makes me wonder. Microsoft are a shady company. I’m sure old gatsey would start a PC hardware company up tomorrow and dominate the world if he could. He’s just not allowed to. So this to me looks like a way of Microsoft getting their name known in the blogging world. They offer their MSN spaces, but they are very restrictive. My mate wardo uses one and its always playing up in FF.

In conclusion, this blogging tool is pretty cool. I will probably forget about it and use the web interface still anyway. This is handy for when my boss is near, and it doesn’t look like I have got any Internet browser windows open. 🙂


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